Friday, October 7, 2016

The FBI’s New Dog Squad: Top Dogs Together in Hawaii by Adrian Colin Doyle

Dog Adventures for Kids
Ages: 5 to 13
eBook available here!

Top Dogs Together in Hawaii
(Dog Emergency Gang Book 1)

Discover how 4 dogs and an agent make up the FBI's newest and most exciting squad, better known as the Dog Emergency Gang.

Beautifully illustrated with color photographs that convey character action, as if you were observing via a video camera.

In this book we learn how theses top dogs came together under the guidance of Agent Michaels. We find out about each dog's special skills and how the gang will be a force for good in their many future adventures.

Meet Greg, Julia, Tory and Amy. Find out how their own skills of Strength and Bravery, Hearing and Helping, Speed and Communication, Intelligence and Judgment combine to make a winning team.

The book takes us across the country to locate the best dogs from the Military, Fire, Police and School Service who come together in this unique top dog FBI squad, also known as the Dog Emergency Gang.

They also face their first test as team. Will they succeed at a sea rescue in Hawaii? Find out in this exciting canine adventure.

An ideal book for reading alone or with guidance for children aged 5-8. A fantastic read alone book for children aged 9-12 or above, this is one episode in a multi-book series of dog adventures. Combining action, adventure and travel this is a perfect book series for children or anyone looking for stories where the good dogs always save the day.

National and international studies all agree on the benefits of reading for 15 minutes or more every day. Reading together as a family or reading alone (at any age!) is healthy and fun.

eBook available here!

I entered the world in a military hospital in Germany, back in 1972 when the Cold War was fully set in. Growing up in a series of different Army bases, my childhood felt like one great big adventure. I think it probably was. Every few years brought new countries, new places to explore and new people to run with. It also had as a background the occasional horse, tank, helicopter or parachute jump. Glory days.

Seven years in Military school taught me how to march on parade, shoot a rifle, value honesty and how true friends always stick together. It also got me hooked on history and fed my imagination. Just don’t make me play the bugle again.

Adult life has given me the opportunity be a newspaper columnist, painter, language trainer, web designer, software consultant, telecommunications tester and ride on an elephant. It also brought me to Finland (Northern Europe) and gave me the most rewarding job of all: stay at home Dad.

Educational and interesting or entertaining and action packed, my books aim to be fun and positive. At heart I believe in the well-rounded student of life who is always ready for adventure. 

eBook available here!

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