Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Menopause & M.A.R.I. by Mari Redondo

Short, sweet and to the point with plenty of humor!

Celebrity Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur, Event Promoter, Fashionista, Multi Titled Fitness Figure Champion, NPC Judge

How could she know that in the blink of an eye she would be a prisoner of the Big M? Wow, menopause! It was something she came to endearingly term “the monster within”, and not without warrant. Because she exercised regularly, stayed healthy, kept free of both recreational and prescription drugs, and had what she considered to be a fabulous life, she felt she would be invincible to the change that all women must pass through. Or at the very least, thought she’d get to pass through it easier than others.

The truth is, no woman of any ethnic background, shape or size escapes the monster within. And somehow, she got the worst end of it, forcing her to take time to minimize her symptoms, plan a course of action and review her life. To do this, she needed to figure out what culprits caused these intense symptoms so she could introduce her new life with a BANG!

The results have been positive, and to accomplish this she kept an overall focus on the acronym, MARI...Minimize, Action, Review and Introduce.

Mari Redondo, lives with her soulmate in Miami, Florida USA. She is a celebrity personal trainer and entrepreneur. She owns Bodies By Mari, SM Talent & Modeling Agency and ZoneLine Nutrition. She capitalized on her many years of knowledge as an athlete, entertainer and business woman.

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