Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Poetry from the Field: Monday Road Poetry Volume II by Gina McKnight


Poetry from the Field takes you around the farm, through the countryside, and into the forest. Ohio poet Gina McKnight invites you to sit under a sycamore tree and along the banks of Monday Creek. Journey along the well-worn path to the barn, to the stables, and a place in the hay. Find joy in the company of bees, birds, trees, and rain.

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Poetry from the Field by Gina McKnight

Poetry from the Field

by Gina McKnight

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Editorial Review
"Poetry from the Field" (2016) is the second volume of poetry, by American poet and equestrian, Gina McKnight, and brings a fresh breath of air to readers. It is an aptly named volume, as Gina spends most of her time in rural, bucolic surroundings with her beloved horses; and it reflects and expresses diverse aspects of this life with considerable zest.

Once again, Gina McKnight uses a lyrical and moving language to express her feelings and thoughts and daily observations, in close communion to a changeable and fluid natural environment, within continuous life cycles and their ebb and flow, with a unique vitality. Often, external natural scenes merge with the poet's inner being, to create very subtle patterns.  Poems like 'Blue', ''Cherokee's Mane', 'Elementals', 'Hay' and others, invite us to explore this world of sensitive contrasts and to engage with this at a highly personal level. Hope and Faith seem to be particularly strong, prominent factors, impregnating the whole of this poetic system.

This volume has an added grace, in the small but entrancing illustrations added to it by artist Tamara Rymer.  All in all, it is very well-presented and readable collection, worth perusing by all poetry lovers.

Editorial Review by Omer Tarin, D.Litt, FRAS, FPAL. Poet, scholar former university professor and director, The Sophia Institute, North-West Pakistan, and spiritual teacher of the Chishti-Nizami Sufi Order in South Asia

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