Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ride for Life: The Three Golden Principles for Riders by Catherine Louise Birmingham

 “Catherine Louise Birmingham is an amazing rider
with insight and values that every rider needs.”

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The Three Golden Principles for Riders 
by Catherine Louise Birmingham 

Internationally esteemed dressage rider and trainer Catherine Louise Birmingham shares her deepest insights in this inspiring debut. The Three Golden Principles for Riders - Focus, Feeling, and Action - are demonstrated in a clear, concise way that is easy for all riders to understand and apply to their personal journey. Birmingham shares her own experiences in a way that offers reassurance and a new way forward for riders, regardless of level or ambition. The perfect book for any rider searching for the confidence to better themselves in riding and in life. This unique book will be cherished forever.

Author Catherine Louise Birmingham is an internationally acclaimed dressage rider, and trainer. Her career spans Germany, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Jakarta – Indonesia. Her expertise in horsemanship is recognized and respected around the globe.   

Catherine’s articles have appeared in Danish horse magazine Ridehesten and The Horses Mouth Australia. Her first book Ride for Life: The Three Golden Principles for Riders is available in English and Danish with Wiegaarden.  

Catherine is a world class teacher and pioneer in both human and animal behavior. She is available for talks and seminars for businesses and riding centers worldwide.

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