Sunday, June 5, 2016

W.O.W. Worker of Wonders by Alma Jones

“A wonderful book you will read again and again.”
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The latest rave! Poetry that even poetry haters will crave!
by Alma Jones  

Enjoy this inspiring collection of poetry, stories, and essays that will encourage and lift you up!

This book was a labor of love for me, love for you and love of the Lord. I just had to share the wonders of His love with you as I am so excited about this book! And I am joyous about it as well because it is my attempt to tell the Lord how much I love Him and that I would stand on top of the tallest mountain in the world and proclaim my love! Let me see if I can share that love, excitement, and joy with you!

But, first, let me lay a little ground work. W.O.W! Created w.o.w.  Why? The term “W.O.W” in my book title, has a twofold meaning. It stands for 1.) W.O.W. - Worker of Wonders and 2.) w.o.w. – woman of work. Because God wowed me, a sense of praise has been kindled within me as well as senses of obligation, gratitude, and of awe. In other words, the Worker of Wonders created a “woman of work.”

Gina’s Review
Sincere and heartfelt, Alma Jones brings glory to God through her writing. Her new book “W.O.W. created w.o.w” is amazing! Every passage is thoughtful and inspiring. Through engaging poems, true scenarios, and motivating questions at end of each poem, Alma makes W.O.W. upfront and personal. You will find that each passage will speak to you and lift you up! Alma writes, “Faith in God wins the battle at the end of the day.” Thanks, Alma, for compiling a wonderful collection of poetry and stories that I will read again and again. Recommended reading for everyone.

Alma L. Jones, who was born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, to Lula M. Carr, life's motto is, "Doing What I Can, While I Can." Alma is a retired educator, who has been spoken of by her former colleagues as "having a heart of gold." Alma says that to breathe is to write. She says that while she can write whatever is asked of her, she prefers to write what her muse dictates to her. She is a successful author and poetess who, though she has produced four books to date, has eight more, as yet unpublished manuscripts of poetry and the beginnings of twelve more books of prose in her study.

Alma is currently working on the second book in her paranormal series, A Suspenseful Paranormal Event, Book 2; an inspirational calendar (to be published 2016); an inspirational book for ladies, her memoirs, the production of an audio book, and her first novella. She has received acclaim and/or acknowledgement from various authors to include, R. L. Stine. Alma attributes all that she has accomplished to GOD, and this belief is reflected in the silver medallion that she wears around her neck and in the title of her second book of poetry, which reads, "DEI Sub Numine Viget (Under GOD's Spirit, She Flourishes.") In her latest book, "W.O.W. created w.o.w.", Alma says that she is proclaiming her love for the Lord and her love for her fellowman by shouting from the tallest mountain in her world, her writing.
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