Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bid & Grow Rich: The Secrets to Auctions by Wayne Wheat

World Champion Auctioneer, Wayne Wheat!

“How to take advantage of great opportunities.”
This book will teach you the secrets to auctions. You will learn insider information and techniques for bidding that will help you bid properly and grow rich. You will learn what the auctioneers chant means. You will learn specific actions that you can take to influence the bidding process. You will learn where to find things for pennies on the dollar. Let World Champion Auctioneer, Wayne Wheat, instruct you on how to bid and grow rich.

About the Author
After receiving an honorable discharge as a U.S. Army Captain from the armed services, I went into the field of auctioneering. I have had the honor of conducting auctions in 9 countries over the past 27 years. In my new book, Bid and Grow Rich, readers can learn specific bidding strategies and how to implement them in order to save money when buying at auctions. I also share information about the type of auctions and how they differ. I provide strategies for each type of auction as well as resources to help bidders prepare for success. Thank you for downloading my book and I hope to see you at an auction! World Champion Auctioneer, Wayne Wheat.

“How to take advantage of great opportunities.”

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