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Alma Jones, Poetess & Author

Alma Jones, a beloved educator, poetess/author is retired (Martin Middle School, Martin, Tennessee, USA) and lives in McKenzie, Tennessee. She had always said that she would write a book one day after retiring. To date, she has successfully published two volumes of poetry. Alma loves to write because doing so is a catharsis for her, in that she can share her deepest thoughts about beings/events (both positive and negative) that have scribbled upon the slate of her soul.

The fact that one of her poetry volumes is a 2nd edition attests to the heartwarming sentiment of Alma L. Jones’ poetry. One reviewer has said, of her poetry, “Unless you have a heart of stone, this poet/author will become one of your all-time favorites.” Alma has further plans for publishing a children’s book, her complete memoirs, and a manual for preachers’ wives. Alma is currently writing a suspense thriller, A Suspenseful Supernatural Event, and a book of motivational-inspirational verse, W.O.W. created w.o.w., and with the publication of these two books, Alma is well on her way to the fulfillment of those plans.

Her motto of: “Doing What I Can While I Can” seems to keep Alma thoroughly engaged as she is seldom seen without her pen, tablet and/or IPAD. She says, of her writing, “When there is a poem or a story inside of me, I just have to get it out because there is no peace until I do.” Alma says that to breathe is to write. She says that she and her muse have taken her pen into, for her, heretofore, unchartered waters and she eagerly looks forward to navigating them.

Welcome Alma!
What books have you written?
AVIA (Latin for Grandmother)
DEI Sub Numine Viget Under GOD’s Spirit, She Flourishes

Where do you like to write?
I write wherever and whenever.

How do you maintain thoughts and ideas?
I have several folders that I put my thoughts and ideas in, several notebooks with started books in them and several manuscripts that I have not shared with the public yet.

What type of poetry do you enjoy writing?
The poetry that I write is freeform mostly, though I have written some form specific poetry.

Please share your poetry…

It's a Wrap...

A tiny pebble was tossed into a dry season riverbed
As it lay there unmoving day by day
The rainy season returned with its plenteous deluge
And the headwaters of the river grew as with raindrops
Aplenty it was fed.

The headwaters became a rushing mighty torrent
And swept all in its path toward the river's mouth
To meet the ocean's mighty current.

The tiny pebble had been worn smooth by the
Mighty headwater's toss
And came forth a polished stone with a gloss
To travel with the ocean's currents the whole world around
Until such time as it was deposited upon a distant shore
And by a collector, at last, was found.

It was taken home and put among the finder's rare baubles
That had been discovered of old
Well, wouldn't you know it, that shiny pebble
Turned out to be genuine gold.

When Life Throws You a Curved Ball

...(in tears) "Granny, why did HE?"
Listen baby, when life throws you a curved ball
Sometimes it can be very hard
But you have to do what you have to do
And you have to take each step yard by yard.

You think you have all of the answers about
Everything that you're planning to do
But you just don't know, you have no idea
What fate has in store for you.

Sometimes it can be so bad that you cannot
Figure out what to do in your situation
Sometimes you can be so down and out
You wonder about the reason for your creation.

But then you remember that the God of heaven
In all of his ominous power
Has sheltered and protected you
Minute by minute and hour by hour.

Then you have to be resolute
And keep going on and on
You have to be able to see past the storm
To the sunny skies beyond.

And it always pays to remember
What your grandmother told you long ago
"Keep your faith in God baby
No matter the load that you have to tow.

And never forget to stay prayed up
With your Bible well read
Because I have been living a long time
And I never have gone unclothed nor unfed."

Wait a minute baby
Just a few reminders more
God will take care of you
And about that there is no maybe!

HE warmed me with the cloak of perseverance
When the cold winds of doubt and fear were raging
HE dazzled me with his footwork
As HE stepped into my battle fray
And HE always came out victorious
At the end of the day.

One of these days you will look back on this
And remember how HE brought you through
And you will be able to talk to your children
When they come complaining about HIM to you!

Do you believe that poetry has an impact on society and current events?
I think that poetry can have an impact upon society and on current events, but mainly, it seems, when the poet is well known.

What are you currently writing?
Currently, I am putting the finishing touches on my two books that are at the publishers, A Suspenseful Supernatural Event and W.O.W. created w.o.w. WORKER OF WONDERS created a woman of work. I am also warming up to my next project, a 13 lesson book for a local Ladies Bible Class.

Who is your favorite poet?
Maya Angelou. It was like having a wise sage living among us; she oozed wisdom and was glad to share it with her fellowman.

Who is your favorite author?
The writer of the Book of Psalms and Victoria Holt. Why the writer of the Book of Psalms? Psalms speaks to my soul and walks deeply within the valleys, ravines and mountains that have made up my life’s walk like no other book does. Victoria Holt - just a warm classic of a good read that allows me to travel to that earlier time and taste life from the spoon of a less frenzied time. Just enough spice, suspense, and drama to be satisfying.

Do you have advice for novice writers?
For beginning writers, I would say to love what you do, number one, number two, keep a tablet everywhere in the house and on your person as well, number three, invest in a good talk/write program such as Dragon and number four, never let someone tell you that your writing is a waste of time or is no good. Never! It was meant to be written whether it is ever appreciated or not!

List 10 things your fans may not know about you…
Love Children
Natural Encourager
Public Speaker
Love, Love Cooking
Two Children
Only Girl and the Youngest of Three Children
Have Loved Writing Since Childhood
Favorite Scripture: Romans 8:28 and Isaiah 50:4
Love Hummingbirds
Last but Most Important of All, I Do What I Can, While I Can to Serve my FATHER.

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