Sunday, June 5, 2016

Fade by D.C. Clemens

“She changed his life forever. Too bad she’s already dead.”

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by D.C. Clemens 

She's a beautiful high school senior. He's a ghost. Together they are more powerful than either of them could have ever imagined. When their friendship leads them into danger, will they be strong enough to make it through? And will he be strong enough to watch her love someone else when she's the only person in his world?

From the Author…
My target audience is young adults (or adults young at heart) who wouldn't mind seeing a paranormal twist to the superhero genre, or basically anyone who saw the Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swayze characters in the movie "Ghost" and thought to themselves, 'They'd make a good superhero team!'

Here's my review (Kindle)...
“Fade” begins with a complete history of Ex-humans; a select secret group who can manipulate “one’s self or environment in any variety of ways.” Chapter one introduces UC Berkeley student Felix, the charismatic main character who finds himself victim when a drunk driver hits his compact car “blindsided by a full-size pickup truck and its three drunken occupants.” Through a serious of perfectly described scenarios, Felix materializes in the high school gym – a ghost seeking answers. Filled with engaging characters, emotional suspense, and super-human powers, “Fade” is awesome!  Recommended reading.

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Available in eBook and Paperback here!

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