Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Phoenixes Groomed as Genesis Doves by Jasmine Farrell

“Gritty, while simultaneously profound and poignant.”
by Jasmine Farrell  

Phoenixes Groomed as Genesis Doves is a collection of poetry that draws the reader into the world of personal identity, inner growth and the complexity of human relationships. Ordinary and common images, especially ones found in nature, are used to craft poems that appeal to the uncommon, the suppressed and the others. Filled with incredible grace and accessible wisdom, the poems explore a wide range of complex emotional themes. With unexpected metaphors and sparkling similes, the pieces vary in rhythm and theme making each one like a foil-wrapped candy: something to savor, enjoying each new bright color on the tongue. 

Excerpts from Phoenixes Groomed as Genesis Doves…

The SKinny

My wings are tucked in,
beak shut tight
and clawed feet are curled
under the sheets.

Ferocious thoughts from loved ones
eat away at the colored feathers
and odd sashay
I’ve been growing to love.
Thoughts of
loved ones and strangers muttering and
disturbing the tree  
I've grown bearing good fruit.
The roots are shaking at 12 am as
Their voices flood my mind:
                                                                  "Chile, you ain't nothin’ but skin and bones.”
“Maybe you should eat some more potatoes”

               “She’s too damn skinny.”
               “You need to smile more.”
           “You walk like you a runway all the time.”
               “You look so awkward.”
            “She sound like a man.”

I cringe under my sheets.
Grip the covers like
a steering wheel hoping time would
drive me away from these thoughts.
But, I’m speeding past stop signs, yellow yields,
no U-turns.
Just straight open road.
Deep ruminations
Of a phoenix too much or too little
of what society says.
Flying too high and too low.
Too straight forward but not
Outspoken enough.
Too thin and too much confidence
For my size.

Tears fall down my cheeks.
I fall asleep.

Wake up with the initial thought:
Nobody likes anybody so confident in themselves.
Might as well not give a fuck and strut.
And so…I did.
You should too.

By: Jasmine Farrell©

I am Livin’ (To Zora)

“Jasmine, What are you doin?”
I’m embracing the winter chill
while struttin’ up Harlem streets under a navy blue sky.
I’m swaying to a honey voice and string instruments.
Lovely, my sacral felt like it was gonna ooze out of my
Honey I’m livn’.
I’m romancing my essence to the guitar riffs from the captain.
Freedom found in the basement of Nabe.
Live concoctions of healing,
internal rhyming joy, after every note.
I am forvin’ old lovers, past hurts
and self sabotage with the boisterous
drum kit.
Pulsating my torso and lifting my hands
to the beat of the samba drum.
I am livin’.
Me, myself and I floating on the rhythmic vibes
that I’m sure past generations
knew everything about..
Freedom in two- steppin’.
Capturing peace with wild spins and heavy slides.
I dip to the down beats ‘cause joy is hidden there.
No need to grin, I’m sprinklin’ spirit fingers.
Dippin’ low, letting go of “shoulda’, coulda’, wouldas”.
Bringin’ up courage of the unknown
and leavin’ my comfort zone.
Honey, I am livin’.

By: Jasmine Farrell  ©

Jasmine is a freelance writer and blogger. From Brooklyn, New York, USA, she has a Bachelors in Communications and she loves red velvet cake. Writing in her Grandmother's memo pads is included into her repertoire of writings. Creative writing is her niche. She loves reading, randomly dancing and creating off-key ballads.

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