Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Glistening Skin of Love: Sleeveless and Shivering by Dr. A.V. Koshy

The Glistening Skin of Love: Sleeveless and Shivering

I met her in the Firm.
She came out of the smoky kitchen, sweating.
There was thunder in the background
And white sheets of lightning.

The band was playing like only greats can, driving music, rocking
And on the stove a red-hot steak was burning.
I held her close, there was no need for central heating.
Everything was being shaken loose, our passion heralding.

When I kissed her, the storm started breaking.
Rain fell like tears, hard, the window glass bejewelling.
I kissed her like there was no tomorrow's morn soon to be breaking.
For both of us. It was steamy, and heart-jerking.

Our skin was on fire, radioactive, midnight moon-lighting.
I never knew love could hit so strong, the earth; quaking.
We did not want the band to stop the gutsy blues they were playing.
We wanted the volcano to keep on, the lava, erupting.

Since then we have never looked back. This love is not flat-lining
Or plateauing. It is the lost that has been found.
It is blue whales singing and from their blowholes spouting.
It will last to the end of its term.

(c) KOSHY A.V, 2015


Ampat Varghese Koshy said...

Thanks Gina and epsecially for the three links too!

anindita said...

Beautiful :)