Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Against the Odds by Alex Daly

“It's not that I am a bad jockey, I am just unlucky.”  
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Lucky, that's what my friends call me although they are few and far between. Bad Luck is my more common nickname on account of my past endeavors in racing. Very few people ever call me by my real name, Basil Luck and for that I am eternally grateful.

It's not that I am a bad jockey, I am just unlucky. If a horse is going to get stuck in the stalls, take a tumble, or run out of steam 50 yards from the post then there is a high chance that I will be on its back. That is just the way it is and I am used to it by now.

Today though I am hoping that my luck is about to change. Or I was until I met up with investigative journalist John (Mac) McInytre on my way to the track. I'm riding the best horse in the feature race at Thirsk, a small track in the north of England and I should have a great chance of winning and turning my fortunes around. The only problem is there are a few people out to stop me, or so I am led to believe. It is not just the other jockeys I have to watch out for but my trainer too. Or are the rumors there to distract me for what could be my best race to date?

There is one thing for sure. It looks like this race is one that whatever happens I can't win.

This is the first work of fiction from Alex Daly, a semi professional gambler whose successful gambling helps him to indulge his passion for writing. A prolific writer of non-fiction, for his first foray in to fiction Alex has focused on the world of horse racing, a world he knows well. 

“It's not that I am a bad jockey, I am just unlucky.”  
Available in eBook here!

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