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Quiet Determination: unlocking the gates to unlimited success by Kory Livingstone

“…the secret mindset to achieve your own unlimited success!”
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How often do we worry about, "How am I ever going to make this dream come true", that we end up doing nothing? Stop worrying about how your dream is going to work. Just start working on it. Believe me, the time will never be ‘right‘. Have you stopped pursuing your dreams? Feeling defeated? Get up. Brush yourself off. Start all over again! Don’t believe your unsupportive thoughts. 

"Quiet Determination"...teaches you the secret mindset to achieve your own unlimited success!” -Robert. G. Allen (#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Creating Wealth)

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Kory Livingstone was born and raised in Toronto. He combines a lifelong career of being a pianist/composer and songwriter with this love of being a business entrepreneur. As a Keynote Artist, Kory combines his keynote speaking with original music that he performs on stage to underscore the theme of his talks.

He was the founder and director of the Toronto High School of the Performing Arts, whose students include Cree Summer Franks, Keanu Reeves, and Brook Johnson.

A graduate of Wilfred Laurier University, Kory counts becoming a published author as his most recent achievement.

When Kory’s not coaching clients on lifestyle or entrepreneurship, or keynote speaking, he’s out peddling around the countryside on his road bike, playing ice hockey, working out in his home-gym, or practicing Tai Chi in his garden.

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“…the secret mindset to achieve your own unlimited success!”
Available in paperback and kindle here!
Musician’s Book Quietly Determines Success in Music, Success in Life!
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Concord, Ontario December 16, 2015
“Dear Kory,
I have admired your persistent quiet determination and attention to details. It is more than talent; it's a mature determination. I could do well to apply the same to my life. May God bless all of your efforts." Neil S.

Neil is the manager of a concert venue in downtown Toronto, where Kory gave a concert some 12 years ago. Neil sent this brief, yet profound note to Kory a week after that concert. Unknown to Kory he caught Neil’s attention while making preparations for his performance that evening. This elegant letter scratched out on a little yellow 3x3 post-it note, succinctly explains why Neil was so impressed with Kory the person, as opposed to Kory the musician.

“I was moved, and deeply so, by that heart-felt acknowledgement. It took me by surprise and I put it away on my bookshelf with the thought that somehow, somewhere, sometime, in the future, those 2 words “Quiet Determination” -words that constantly resonate within my thoughts- were harbingers of unforeseen events that would eventually make such a difference in my life.”

Kory’s enjoys simultaneous careers as a composer, educator and business entrepreneur, with his latest accomplishments of being a published author and keynote artist. More about “keynote artist” shortly.

In the late 70’s Kory founded the Toronto High School of the Performing Arts, (THESPSA) an independent school that combined the intensive study of music, drama, and dance with academics. It was the first of its kind in Canada and served as model for public school boards to follow. Most THESPSA students went on to graduate studies in various fields of interest.

The alumnae includes Cree Franks (regular on a Bill Cosby sitcom)Brooke Johnston (actress) Karen Fox (at 17 years of age was the youngest undergraduate ever to be accepted by Sarah Lawrence College in New York) Francis Vieninger (film maker) Keanu Reeves (actor).

Ten years after getting Neil’s letter Kory began writing "Quiet Determination, unlocking the gates to unlimited success", in a quest to understand why Neil was so inspired by what Kory himself considered to be a normal everyday behavior.

As it turned out, “Quiet Determination” is a not-so-fictional book about a youngster named Emmanuel, who develops an outstanding repertoire of personal skills, and an exceptional character, both of which paved the way for his success in life. The mindset that spawned his success in life was incubated in the environment of seemingly innocuous music lessons.

We become the fly on the wall at the actual lessons that Emanuel has with his different teachers throughout the years. Each lesson has a hand in building the mindset for success that guides Emmanuel’s transformation from school boy into successful businessman.

Here are a few those elements that assisted in our hero’s development...

Many people have a fear of failure. This fear in itself is what causes our dreams to fail. On the positive side, failure is yet another opportunity to learn, to improve, and to achieve success.

After failing 8 times, then finally on his 9th attempt, Abraham Lincoln became the 16th president of the United States. His legacy? The preservation of the Union, abolishment of slavery, strengthening the federal government, and the modernization of the U.S. economy.

Do you know a certain someone who never spoke until he was 4? Didn’t read until the age of 7? Was told he’d never amount to much? Albert Einstein proved them all wrong when he was honored with the 1921 Nobel Prize in physics.

What would you do? You’ve just finished an interview for the job you’ve dreamed about having since you were a kid. The director looks you straight in the eye and says, “Why don’t you stop wasting people’s time and go out and become a dishwasher or something?”

Well Sidney Poitier did go out. In fact he went out and won an Academy Award and was recently awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.

Early in life, Emmanuel learned that sustained accountability was the foundation of success in any walk of life. Being personally accountable is something that many, if not most, people try to avoid at all costs. This is due to the conditioning that we get while growing up. We were rewarded for doing the right thing and punished for doing wrong thing. It’s this fear of punishment that discourages people from taking risks and responsibility.

On the topic of accountability, Tom Landry the NFL’s most successful coach, who had 20 consecutive winning seasons with his team the Dallas Cowboy - an unmatched record so far - said, “The job of a football coach is to make men do what they don’t want to do in order for them to achieve what they’ve always wanted to be.”

There’s an old quote that says, “Behind every successful man is a woman”. What people don’t realize is that the woman behind the man is actually a “talent whisperer”. A talent whisperer is someone who is in your corner encouraging you, supporting your dreams and aspirations regardless of what others may say. Another word for talent whisperer is “coach”.

Coaches and mentors are the spirits who guide us toward our goals by perfecting our strengths, and turning our weaknesses into strengths. It’s through their tough love, wisdom and knowledge that we are able to excel at building and strengthening the elements that create our own mindset for success.

Three important things coaches do:
  • help you plan for success and then help you work your success plan
  • show us that talent/skills are transferable to all domains
  • push us out of our comfort zone past self-limiting beliefs, and forward to the next plateau

Success in life has many inroads. It’s not restricted to only those who study music any means. Your road may be through sports, dancing, martial arts, the girl guides. The list is endless. The secret is that whatever path you choose, it must build a mindset that promotes the character traits that will take you through both thick and thin.

How many self-help books do we read? How many night school courses have we enrolled in? How many “silver bullets” to success have we purchased over the years? Kory believes that these things in and of themselves do not promote success. These things are only external activities that we have chosen to undertake. The benefit of these activities is only realized if you have the mindset to exploit the benefits that these activities are offering. A mindset is an internal quality. It doesn’t have any physical properties. You can only see its results.

“…the secret mindset to achieve your own unlimited success!”
Available in paperback and kindle here!

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