Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Arabian Finish Line Contributing Writer

Arabian Finish Line
November 2015 Issue
Stephanie Corum, Editor in Chief

SeeHorse Wearable Founder and CEO Peter Mankowski 

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“Most of us at SeeHorse Wearable either have a horse or have had one in the past,” Pete explains. “My background is engineering and I left BlackBerry to pursue something that blends both my skills and passion. When I was younger, I worked on the artificial human heart and found the work exciting and challenging. Saving a life of a living organism is huge responsibility and I wanted to do something relevant. I used to work for BlackBerry in Canada and lead a research and development team. Innovation is in my DNA and I have always dreamed of developing and designing my own gadget. My son left for out-of-town university and the house was so quiet with just my wife Beata and our dog 'Batxer' so to work I went. I didn't want to build another invention for humans and thought of going back to my childhood passion – horses. I started riding in Europe around the age of 5 but did not compete until my teens. Building the first SeeHorse was a result of another company co-funder, Jessica Roberts' idea. She told me that her horse has a busy show season ahead and she really wanted to shine this year so together we developed SeeHorse Wearable to help horse lovers monitor the important vitals of their beloved horse.”

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