Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Piaffe, Passage and Work in Hand by Mitja Demitrij Cernac

New Edition! Updated and Revised!

The new FEI rules regarding Piaffe and Passage lay greater weight on these movements as well as transitions between the two, so it is of utmost importance to perform them well.

This is a book that is drawn on over forty years of experience and is solely dedicated to explaining the difficult Grand Prix dressage movements of Piaffe, Passage and Work in Hand. On almost one hundred pages this book explains comprehensively the several possible approaches to Piaffe and Passage.

Piaffe, Passage and Work in Hand guides you on what is correct, how to begin so the horse will be capable of understanding and thus performs correctly. It shows the causes of common faults and training deficiencies, how to avoid or once done, how to correct them. The main object is the correct approach through the understanding of bio-mechanics as well as physics (dynamical weight distribution). It is explained how the systematic work from beginning on Hand through Piaffe to all different transitions in Piaffe and Passage leads to success.

Piaffe, Passage and Work in Hand  was first published in 2002 in Germany and because of the feedback from my fellow trainers, international and national dressage riders, I decided to publish this book in English and therefore make it available to a larger dressage audience. I added more text as well as more pictures and graphics for a better understanding.

Mitja Demitrij Cernac trained at Lipizza from 1974 to 1976, taking part in show performances. Cernac spent twelve years working in California, USA, training riders and horses to Grand Prix, and had several riders long listed for US Team; he competed imported horses at shows for the purpose of sale, and conducted clinics from Arizona to Hawaii, etc.

For seventeen years, Cernac has trained riders, and/or horses to Grand Prix in Germany, coached riders from Germany, Greece, etc., at international shows in Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, etc., and conducted clinics in several European countries.

Further experience includes five years training young riders and some senior riders in Czech Republic; six years training horses and riders in Austria, conducting clinics in several European countries like Italy, Moscow, Russia, etc.

Cernac is the author of the Technic of Dressage Riding, published in Czech language. His book Piaffe, Passage and Work in Hand in German has sold out. Recently, by popular demand, he has translated Piaffe, Passage and Work in Hand into English. 

New Edition! Updated and Revised!


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