Sunday, December 27, 2015

Prohorse.DK Quality for Horse and Rider


Dressage is a highly skilled form of riding, and those who take part in it deserve to have the best equipment to aid in their training and their presentation in the dressage arena.

If you intend to compete internationally you probably already know that the equipment that is permitted can vary a little from country to country, so it is wise to check out these rules before you purchase yours. A good place to start your shopping is at

The vast array of stylish clothes that are available for dressage riders nowadays is amazing.  Wearing clothes that are both comfortable and stylish boosts every rider's confidence, and let's face it a confident rider creates confidence in their horse. A well turned out horse and rider are a joy to watch and they are much more likely to catch the judge's eye.

Boots, bits,bridles and saddles,competition wear and even hair accessories all contribute towards the elegance which sets dressage apart from any other sport (or perhaps it is better described as an art).

The right equipment also helps from the safety aspect as well. A well fitting saddle and bridle allow the horse to concentrate on his gait rather than the discomfort caused by his tack or other equipment. So be sure to buy your horse's dressage equipment from a company that actually understand your horse's requirements as well as your own.

Maybe you have been trying to find equipment for your dressage horse in a local tack shop and discovered that they don’t have the specialist equipment or the amount of choice that you would like. Perhaps you are just too busy with your “horsey stuff” to be bothered to shop around or try to mix and match and you are wishing that you could just find it all in one shop or even better on one website.

Everyone wants the very best equipment for their special horse, but sometimes it is not that easy to budget for dressage equipment as well as all the other costs involved in training your horse. The good news is that there is a solution to that problem and it’s here in the very next paragraph.

ProHorse Webshop provides quality products at affordable prices as well as expert advice on all types of dressage equipment. It's good to know that support is only a click away. At the webhop they are happy to share their knowledge so that you and your horse have the equipment that will help you both to shine in the wonderful world of dressage.

Quality Horse and Rider is a shop where the quality of the horse and rider has the highest priority.We grow even equestrian, so we know what is important for you as a rider, and what is important for your horse thrives and performs optimally. We also know how annoying it is if the equipment you need in everyday life, is not working. We know at the same time the joy and the pleasure of having some good quality equipment in a sleek design for the daily work with the horse and rallies.

It also means that not go after the riding equipment business, with most products. We focus instead on the products we sell, have a high quality. Therefore, we have also carefully selected the manufacturers and suppliers that we work with from high quality parameters. We sell quite simply not products that we will not use our own horses or ourselves

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