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Milliron Monday: Letters Home Feb 12 1960


Abbott "Pete" Smith D.V.M.:  June 16, 1938 - February 22, 2010
Virginia Joyann "Jody" Haley Smith: April 2, 1938 - May 9, 2021
Welcome to Milliron Monday where every Monday we celebrate the legacy of Milliron Farm and Clinic, Dr. Pete and Jody Smith. 

"Pete seems to be doing better this quarter with his studying. That vet school is really tough."
― Jody Smith

Jody's letter home to Mansfield, Ohio. Backstory: Simmy is Jody's best friend and was her Maid-of-Honor. Les and Hope Rivers were Pete and Jody's lifetime friends. As a teenage cowboy, Pete worked with Les on a nearby ranch. The horse skeleton Pete assembled was a fixture at Milliron Clinic for many years, as well as Sydney, the skeleton of a greyhound from the track where Pete worked while in vet school.

917 Remington
Fort Collins, Colorado
Friday, February 12, 1960

Dear All,
    Well, it's still like Christmas around here. Thanks so much for all the latest gifts. The ham, bacon, pancake flour, syrup, and sausages arrived in fine shape, Jess. Thanks so much. We'll really be eating well around here. The bacon is extra delicious. I'm saving the ham for a Sunday night dinner to which I've invited Simmy since I haven't even had her over for dinner yet. Thanks loads for the fruit, too. Those grapefruit are so good I even ate one for dessert instead of pie. A couple of the oranges were spoiled but the others are certainly nice, juicy and easy to peel.
    Thanks much, Mom, for the $10. We're going out to dinner tomorrow night with Les and Hope Rivers. We always have a nice time with them. We spent last Sunday with them at the ranch where they work. It's really pretty country. They gave us a whole hindquarter of deer so it's really nice to see all that frozen venison in our freezer - nice on the pocketbook too. The little "flower girl" arrived alright. We've been attempting to grow a sweet potato vine which is now threatening to take over the kitchen. I removed the vase's pretty bouquet and put one of the sweet potatoes in it. It looks a lot nicer there than it did in the old peanut butter jar.
    As far as going on for a master's at this time, I'm still considering it, but I really don't feel I want to very badly. Thank you for the offer of a sitter but I'm sure it'll be important for me to be the one taking care of it although our young'un might not particularly care.
    Had a short, nice ride after my 3-4:00 class this afternoon. It's supposed to be in the 40's again tomorrow so perhaps I'll get some more riding in. Starboy is really in nice shape. He's still his sweet old self though, even though he does feel so good and frisky.
    Pete's pretty well cut down on extra jobs but he's still pretty busy keeping the rooming house in shape (he does all the things for that - heat, light, water, phone, bills; cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming halls twice a week, repairing things, etc.); he also shoes and trims horses when he gets the chance and is putting a greyhound skeleton together for a vet in Denver.
    Oh yes, we now have a horse in our house! Pete moved his horse skeleton, which he built last year, in from the garage. The horse was a little bigger than Starboy so you can imagine how much of his study room it takes up.
    He's gotten his contract for the track job this summer. We'll be living here and he'll be riding to Denver with Dr. Frandson, a vet who lives in Loveland and works at the track with him.
    Guess I've asked you this before but without much success. What happened to my ballerina picture? I surely hope it didn't get lost en route. If he doesn't have that frame or glass or something, just have him put a cheap, plain frame on it.
    We got a cute valentine from Terry Ken Everett, the little neighbor boy of McArthur's. 
    Pete seems to be doing better this quarter with his studying. That vet school is really tough.
    Guess I can't complain much; got a 100% and a 99% on the two large tests we've had so far (I and a graduate student were the only two to get those grades, so I was feeling pretty cocky. Unfortunately we're having another logic test Monday which I'm not so sure of. Also got a 95% on the Ar91 test, 97% was highest). Haven't gotten our E167 test or mid-term back of it.
    Did you find Mike's pedigree?
    Enclosed is Gary Franklin's picture. Thanks for sending it.
Bye now, Love,

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