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Milliron Monday: Letters Home Feb 5 1960


Abbott "Pete" Smith D.V.M.:  June 16, 1938 - February 22, 2010
Virginia Joyann "Jody" Haley Smith: April 2, 1938 - May 9, 2021
Welcome to Milliron Monday where every Monday we celebrate the legacy of Milliron Farm and Clinic, Dr. Pete and Jody Smith. 

"Tomorrow night should be a fun time - it's the big vet dance of the quarter which is always one of the fun dances of the campus."
― Jody Smith

Jody's letter home to Mansfield, Ohio. Backstory: Gary Franklin is Pete and Jody's nephew; Mike is their Irish Setter living with Jody's parents; Pooh is the family cat; Jessie, Jody's grandmother, ordered a ham for the couple's Christmas and it hasn't arrived.

917 Remington
Fort Collins, Colorado
Sunday, December 13, 1959

Hi All,
    Thanks for the picture of Gary Franklin. He surely is cute! 
    The ladies in the bookstore had been pestering me to bring our wedding pictures over and show them so I finally did. They really liked them. I appreciate them more and more every time I look at them. It's certainly nice to have such a pretty wedding book to show to people -thanks again and again for everything. The day and the picture remembrances of it. 
    Mike's AKC registry number is on his registration and on his pedigree - also on any of the obedience trial stuff which I saved. I hope, but I don't know for sure, that it's possibly in the pet folder from my file manila folder) which is possibly in the things I left in the big chest in Jessie's room, the shoe cabinet, my old closet or else up in the attic. Also, might look in the pages of that German Shepherd book (black book, plastic cover which is probably in the bookshelves in the livingroom somewhere). Sorry I can't remember exactly where it is.
    A BabeeTenda (highchair) would be real nice but I'm sure we won't be needing that for quite a while.
    Tomorrow night should be a fun time - it's the big vet dance of the quarter which is always one of the fun dances of the campus. I'm planning on wearing that green brocade sheath with the detachable harem skirt. Fortunately, our young'un isn't protruding enough to even make the sheath hard to zip up - I tried it on tonight to be sure - but my middle seems suddenly to be growing by leaps and bounds so I don't suppose it'll be too long before our baby will be a bit obvious.
    Supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow so Nancy Sonneman and I plan to get in a bit of riding - hope to squeeze it in between studies and housework.
    My industrious and talented husband just whipped up a bookcase to house our ever-growing supply of books. He really did a nice job - of course. Pooh supervised everything, but still, it's pretty nice for only 2 1/2 hours time and cheap lumber.
Bye for now. Love,
P.S. Thanks for the clippings. Jess, we got a letter from Jones' Dairy Farm saying they were sending the ham in a few days. Thank you for writing them again.

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