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Milliron Monday: Letters Home Dec 2 1959

Abbott "Pete" Smith D.V.M.:  June 16, 1938 - February 22, 2010
Virginia Joyann "Jody" Haley Smith: April 2, 1938 - May 9, 2021
Welcome to Milliron Monday where every Monday we celebrate the legacy of Milliron Farm and Clinic, Dr. Pete and Jody Smith. 

"I really enjoy baking pies, fortunately, since Pete loves pie."
― Jody Smith

Jody's letter home to Mansfield, Ohio. Backstory: Pooh is the Smith's cat, Gary Franklin is Jody's nephew, Mike is the Smith's Irish Setter staying with Jody's parents (for now). 

917 Remington

Fort Collins, Colorado
Wednesday, December 2, 1959

Hi Everyone,
    Sorry I'm being so tardy about writing but this has been a busy, busy time. I just finished reading a 500 page novel; typing 80 pages of yearly lesson plan, unit plan, and ten daily lesson plans; what a bother. I spent about three weekends plus almost all of Thanksgiving vacation working on the darn stuff. Boy, that typewriter was sure a big help, Jess. I've been pounding on the poor thing about six hours a day for a week. As soon as I get my last short story done, I'll give the poor thing a rest.
    We had a nice Thanksgiving day though. We got a little seven-pound turkey which fortunately turned out just fine (wrapped in aluminum foil, etc.) dressing, sweet potatoes, and even a pumpkin pie - I really enjoy baking pies, fortunately, since Pete loves pie. A friend of Pete's who also lives in one of the rooms had dinner with us since he's from Pennsylvania.
    The weather was beautiful Sunday so I got out of the house (and the pile of education paper) and rode Starboy. Poor fellow, he must think I've deserted him. He seems to be enjoying himself though, judging by this fat tummy.
    Pooh is continuing his happy life, eating more and more, getting fatter and fatter, and taking over the Smith household more and more. He's only five months old and about twice as big as when we got him a few weeks ago. He still continues to eat all sorts of strange things and probably never will hear of such a delicacy as cat food. He loves cheese - cottage cheese, American cheese, etc., toast, egg, practically any scraps we give him except celery leaves, but he likes to play with those. He's getting to be a real personality cat. Pete sure enjoys him - plays with him a lot, takes him outside to climb trees and, fortunately, takes charge of keeping Pooh's cat pan clean.
    Thank you very much for the last letter - it arrived Special Delivery Sunday morning. We splurged again and went out to dinner Sunday night. I've filled out the membership blanks for Phi Kappa Phi. I hope it'll be worth it; I sure have never heard much about the organization.
    The married bliss is continuing full force; still convinced it's the greatest.
Now Friday, December 4...
    Starboy has made a real hit with the Owen's children (farm where we keep the cows). Their little boy is six years old and anytime I ride Starboy up there, he comes tearing out and I haul him up behind the saddle and let him ride a while. He sure is a cute little character. I go up there about once or twice a week. I've been teaching Starboy to drag bales of hay. Mr. Owens gave us a bunch of old bales of alfalfa which are partially moldy but still good enough, so Starboy and I drag them into the corral. He's really learned to drag them straight now, which is a good thing to know. Lots of horses spook the minute you drag even a rope behind them attached to the saddle horn, let alone two seventy-pound bales.
    The Owens' are both crazy over horses and board several of them in their barn. They were real disappointed that their oldest daughter - 11 years old - was scared to death and never got near horses. They were sure surprised when she got on Starboy last Wednesday, first time she's ever been on a horse.
    It's been three months now since the big day of September 4 [wedding]. Guess three months isn't such a long time but it seems hard to imagine or remember living without Pete.
    Liz Schafer sent us yesterday a cheese cutter, four icebox food containers, and two pretty pillowcases with pink roses. Thought it was certainly nice of her to remember us.
    I'm glad to hear that Gary Franklin is interested in animals. Hope he'll be able to come visit us and Starboy sometime soon.
    Unfortunately, Pooh doesn't care much for children. He spent most of his time and energy avoiding Debbie when she and Carol visited us. Debbie sure liked Starboy. She and Carol want cart riding with me twice and really liked it. I put the bells on the harness and she sure got a kick out of it.
    How are Mike and Gary Franklin getting along? I hope Mike has accepted Gary Franklin by now as well as he had accepted Mike.
Now Saturday...
    Guess I'd best end this now or it'll be another week. Finals are now upon us so next week will be study, study, study and then freedom.
    As far as our vote for the Christmas gifts are concerned, we're planning on very few festivities ourselves since we've got a busy work session (painting house, horse trailer, Christmastime, etc.).
    Pete's going to take some letters up to the mailbox so I'll quit now and get this mailed.

~  ~ 

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