Tuesday, December 21, 2021

This Week @ Monday Creek: Winter Solstice

Original Art by Croatia Artist Iva Dukic @ zmamorije_by_iva_dukic

Winter Solstice

The Earth is tilting, and I can’t feel it. I am not standing askew or leaning more this way or that way. It seems like a normal day. This morning at 10:59 am EST, the poles will be the farthest away from the sun than at any other time of the year – the winter solstice. The tilt is real, they say. Today will be short, then the days will begin to get longer as we tread into winter.


I can’t imagine what it would be like to live near the poles. Parkas, furs, thermals – makes my hands cold to think about it. But I love winter. To someone who has never seen ice or snow, it must look alien and weird. Snowflakes (no two are alike, fascinating thought) and icicles create magical patterns and visual joy. Living in Ohio, I rarely think about polar bears, artic hares, or kittiwakes. I wonder if they notice the solstice. 


The deer passing by my picture window don’t seem to notice the tilt. They are looking for something to eat and are headed to the pond to see if the ducks left any cracked corn. I usually put extra feed out in the winter for the birds and deer. They are all friends, you know, just like in the Disney movies. They all dance and play while we’re not looking. The elegant tracks of deer, sparrows, and ducks create intentional pirouettes in the mud. Looks like they waltzed last night, or maybe a solstice dance with percussion ostinatos and rhyming verse.


Maybe I am askew today. Oh, but it’s all about treading. Pressing forward. I have several loose ends to tie up before December 31. Today, as the Earth tilts, seems like a good day to tackle procrastination and the few things I don’t want to do. Maybe you don’t procrastinate. Lucky you. I would rather write this post and dream about tilting, snowflakes, and snow bunnies than adult. Maybe I will bridle a doe and head to the woods and try again tomorrow.

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