Friday, November 12, 2021

This Week @ Monday Creek: Sycamores


The dogwood on the path between the barns has turned dark red. It will be losing its leaves soon and I will contemplate how quickly spring turned to autumn. Beyond the dogwood, the field grass is vivid green, sprouting new growth before it fades and withers under the coming frost. But there’s much of autumn to enjoy before Jack Frost arrives.

Sycamore trees hold my interest. We have large sycamores where I live. Some were saplings when I was little – we’ve grown up together. Their bark flaunts shades of taupe, cream, and bright white. The squirrels have gathered the thorny sycamore nuts and stored them away in their treetop nests. Today on my walk to the mailbox a sycamore lost a leaf. It twirled, then somersaulted, finally landing at my feet. I picked it up and felt it, considering the life of a leaf, how wonderfully it's made, and how we don’t look at leaves enough.

I would rather look at a leaf in my hands than the headlines. A sad state of events for our nation as people dismiss the wrong things and fault the good things. I don’t get it. What’s in our future? I don’t know. Nonetheless, we press forward with faith and hope.

Tomorrow is the 1st Annual Monday Creek Book Festival. The event will be held at the historic Stuart’s Opera House, Public Square, Nelsonville, Ohio. The event is free and open to the public from 10 Am to 5 PM. Stop by and meet authors and illustrators from near and far.

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