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An Interview with Ohio Author Robin Melet

Author Robin Melet at the Monday Creek Book Festival, November 2021

An Interview with Ohio Author Robin Melet

Robin Melet was born in Trotwood, Ohio. She has a in B.A. Mass Communications, Wright State University. Melet’s prior employment includes Freelance Columnist with The Impact Weekly in Dayton, Ohio, and a Feature Freelance Writer with The Dayton City Paper, which also used to be in Dayton, Ohio. Melet is an eleven-time published poet with Eber and Wein Publishing Company. Her first poem was called, "I Am Worth More than THAT!"


Melet has a compassionate heart and her soul really vibes with people, both men and women, especially those in abusive relationships or healing from abusive patterns. She loves people who dare to just sincerely be themselves. Melet is certified by the State of Ohio as a NAMI Facilitator and I have a Certified Dementia Practitioner's license. She is a caregiver who takes care of the elderly population in their homes. Melet’s specialty for the last nine years has been with people who have brain challenges like Dementia, Alzheimer's, Aphagia, etc.  


Melet says, “My writing is my gift. God gave me the courage and inspiration to be a writer who likes to inspire, encourage, enlighten and empower with  written and verbal words. My book, Through the Sliver of a Frosted Window-A Story of Hope and Faith is my gift to the world. I hope it will help others to not give up when life seems too tough."


Welcome, Robin!


GM: What is the premise for your new book?

RM: My book is my gift to the world. I hope it will inspire people. I want to reach one million minds and more.


GM: How do you maintain thoughts and ideas?

RM: I maintain thoughts and ideas with all writing projects by writing them down as soon as they come into my head. Since this is an autobiography, I had to ask myself, "Where do I start?" My reply, as with any story, is at the beginning. :)


GM: Where do you like to write?

RM: I love to write near water and by nature. I love to listen to music when I write. Sometimes, angelic meditation music, sometimes just plain classic rock and roll!


GM: Do you have a muse or other inspiration that sparks creative ideas?

RM: I enjoy reading other poet's poetry, taking walks in the woods and looking at art. I especially love interior designed homes. They are always so pretty.


GM: What are you currently reading?

RM: I am currently reading "Publish, Promote, Profit," by Rob Kosberg


GM: What are you currently writing?

RM: I am finishing up my first poetry book with illustrations by my best friend, Annie M. I plan to get it published within the next couple of months.


GM: Do you have advice for novice writers?

RM: I love to share tips about my craft. Sometimes, less words are best. Get to the point without getting in the way of your characters or story. Know your audience. Who do you want your writing to affect? What do you want your story to tell? Always try to show, rather than tell your readers what to think. I like to use many adjectives. Be disciplined in knowing your work has value. It is YOUR special gift to the world. You alone, are unique and only you will create your original. Be courageous in being yourself. Be proud of yourself. Be patient with yourself. Very important tip...Set aside, for example, 2-4 hours of just being with your creation. Turn off all social media. Don't even look at your emails, texts or Tik Tok! Lol! Schedule in your time every day, every week. Be genuine and believe in yourself. I believe in you!


Thank you for this amazing experience! I would like to close with this wonderful quote from Wayne Gretzky - "You miss 100% of the shots you didn't take."


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