Wednesday, August 15, 2018

ZOO VIEW by J.R. Poulter


Which side of the bars are you,
Person barred and looking through?
Person with your watching watch,
You count things you cannot eat
But carry close through cold and heat,
Like your second skin and funny feet,
Measuring your moments, beat on beat.

Person with your haggard stare,
Don’t you wish that you were here?
Tiny hands dictate your way
Every moment of the day,
They hold a chain around your neck
That has you at their constant beck.
They say just where you sleep and when
And then they wake you up again.

Person with your watching watch
Watching me and feeling sorry,
Fool! It’s me that has no worry!
Which side of the bars are YOU,
Person barred and looking through!

                                      -  J.R.Poulter

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·  Panelist - Poetry's importance to children and in education, QPF 2017
·  Panelist - Publishers' Panel, Story Arts Festival of Children's Literature, 2017

Major Awards: 
  • Children's Choice, New Zealand
  • in Top Ten Children's Books & YA Books, New Zealand,
  • "Mending Lucille" won Crichton, CBCA Award
  • Premier's Recommended Reading List, NSW, Australia
  • Poetry - Premier's Open Literature Award [Warana]
  • Simone Wood Award, USA - children's book on dance 
  • LiFE Award, Literature for Environment [for 3 books]
·  Award-Winning Finalist, International Book Awards
·  Winner, Purple Dragonfly Award - Picture Books, 5 years and younger
·  "Getting Home" Winner, Purple Dragonfly Award - Best Illustrations
·  Readers' Favorite International Book Award Winner

Instagram: word_wings_books
Featured poet, Australian Children's Poetry site

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JRPoulter said...

Thank you, Gina! The support you give poets, including me, is very much appreciated!

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