Wednesday, August 29, 2018

EQUI-SPA Horse Care - Sensitive by Nature

“Best products on the market!”

Must-have natural products for every stable
and every horse breed.

Equi-Spa was created to fill a void of non-toxic botanical products for horses. I had a terrible reaction to DEET, while trying to protect my pregnant mares and family from the devastating illness caused by the West Nile virus. I couldn’t find anything that was chemical free and non-toxic. Even what was available as “natural”. was far from non-toxic. So I went back to my Aromatherapy roots and made my own. I noticed that my horses behavior changed as I began to spray them. They became calmer, and they didn’t “dance “away from the spray!

Soon I was making all of my own horse care products and people were noticing. When I competed at horse shows, people noticed that my horses smelled awesome, were calm, and were not bothered by summertime pests. That was in 2003, now 15 years later, I have a full line of non-toxic aromatic and amazing horse care products.

My passion and mission with Equi-Spa is to provide Spa quality, premium botanical horse care products, formulated with the highest quality compounds from aromatic plants, utilizing aromatherapy principles to benefit horse and rider.

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