Saturday, December 17, 2016

Three Echoes Dancing: Poetry celebrating each stage of our lives by Sherna Spencer

Poetry “…mimicking the ebb and flow of life.”

Poetry celebrating each stage of our lives 

This collection of 62 poems is reflection on life and its many facets and flavors: sometimes sweet, sometimes sour and in between. Each poem takes you to a different dimension - there are those that are quiet and sedate while others vibrate with energy, mimicking the ebb and flow of life.

About the Author
Our goal is to energize and inspire you, to entice you to keep reading and to share the experience with your friends.  Each of these writings is designed to leave you feeling Rejuvenated, Refreshed and to Ready to start your day.  Take it!  The effect is like taking a holiday – without the packing and traveling.  Take your holiday anywhere, anytime, at your convenience. 
We call each of our writings a powerpickup™.  It will take about two hours of your time, a 2 hour vacation that you can fit it into your schedule.  It’s a bit like taking a powernap but 10 times better.

Your time will be well spent on you! Get the energy, the inspiration and the motivation from our powerpickup™.   Here’s a list of the parts of your body that will feel and enjoy the effects of your power pickup; heart, lungs, kidneys, brain and much more… 

Try it.  Your body will like it.  Start now.

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