Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tainted by Hate by Patrice M. Foster

“The true story of a forbidden friendship.”

Available in Paperback and eBook!

A Novella about Friendship

Tainted by Hate is a short read about friendship. It takes guts to continue or runaway. Especially in a world where generational family breakdown and parental frustrations still continue. This book shows how depression in a family can make life at home a strain for teenagers. Interesting story of a teen and her life as to how she has been dictated by adults and how her behaviors are controlled. But this teen takes the painful but courageous steps to change. In fact, she has only two options: either lose the only happiness she knows or go against the only love. What will she do? How will she cope with the situation?

About the Author
Patrice Foster’s life reads like an adventure novel that might have been entitled, Journey to Respect. Born in Jamaica West Indies, she and her five siblings were abandoned when her mother fled to America to escape her abusive husband, who then later abandoned his children. Patrice and her siblings were placed in foster homes and subsequently shuffled from one uncaring and abusive family to the next. Entrusted to the care of an uncle, young Patrice became close with an American missionary in the hopes of communicating with her mother in America.

When Patrice was twelve, she and her siblings were finally reunited with their mother, but it was not the happy reunion of their dreams. Obligated to find other living arrangements, the situation eventually deteriorated until Patrice ran away to live with their father. After finding herself locked out one day, Patrice became homeless and struggled to survive. Her life on the streets was a dangerous and discouraging time, yet despite her hopeless situation, she managed to finish school and moved to New Jersey where she entered an LPN program 1986. After graduating, she relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she furthered her career by becoming an RN in 1998. She continued her education by pursuing a BSN program at Immaculate University.

Through her personal evolution, Patrice continues to battle the demons of her youth and desire to feel worthy and respected by striving to heal a little each day. Aware of the poor treatment encountered by nurses, in 2000, she established her company, Respect Medical Services, through which she committed herself to improve the working conditions and compensation of medical personnel. Her belief was that nurses who were treated and compensated, as professionals were better able to perform as compassionate caregivers, thereby creating an environment beneficial to the physical and emotional wellbeing of their patients. Patrice's greatest sense of accomplishment was achieved by securing employment for others. Though she closed her business in 2004, she continues to work as a nurse, as well as traveling the path to healing and self-discovery.

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