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Taking Care of Your Barn: Signs You Need to Replace Your Old Windows and Doors by Apex Window Werks, Chicago, USA

Taking Care of Your Barn:
Signs You Need to Replace Your Old Windows and Doors

by Apex Window Werks, Chicago, USA

Throughout the seasons and years, barns age and deteriorate with time. Besides the inconvenience worn out windows and faulty doors cause on the average farmer’s day, they also pose safety issues for both the farmer and the animals that are sheltered in them.

Before you replace old windows and doors, here are a few maintenance tips that could help you solve the problem and save you some money:

Tips for Barn doors:
  • The hinges, latches and sliding tracks of your barn doors are more often damaged by heavy use. Replacing screws with new longer screws might be the solution to best combat the issue, otherwise you may have to replace worn out hinges, latches and sliding tracks.
  •  If the problem is worn out, damaged boards (usually at the bottom edge of the door) then replacing broken, damaged boards with new ones that match existing boards may be the right solution before resorting to replacing the whole door.
  •   As the seasons go by and your barn settles, structural problems such as doors that jam or rub at the bottom and go off the sliding track may arise. Usually, by repairing the specific structural problem and jacking up your building, you will be able to solve the problems. If all fails, then you can resort to moving and replacing the sliding track or installing a new door.

Tips for Barn windows:
  •  Broken pieces of the sash and frame can usually be replaced and repaired by patching up the problem. You may however need to take the window apart which can be time consuming.
  •  If the glass is broken, you can replace it with new or recycled glass using new glazing putty.
  •  Before glazing your windows, apply a preservative to protect the wood. Boiled linseed oil works as an excellent preservative for wood.
  •  When painting your windows, draw 1/16 inch line of trim enamel along the edge of the window to seal out water.
  •  If necessary, replace the window sashes of your barn with a matching wood that can be ordered from local wood workers or a lumberyard catalog.

 Tips when replacing doors and windows:
  •  Make sure new doors and windows ordered match or are similar to the size, proportion and type of the already existing windows of your barn.
  • Also, be aware of the placement and spacing of new windows and doors and make sure it matches the existing patterns of doors and window openings.

     By consistently conducting maintenance projects on your barn, most of these issues can be avoided and addressed quickly and effectively. Only resort to replacing the windows and doors of your barn if nothing else can be done to solve the issues. 

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