Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Bats Don't Have a Bedtime by Laurel Walther

“A great book for parents and kids!”

by Mrs Laurel A. Walther (Author), Emily Hercock (Illustrator)

Parents will love that their children better understand the benefits of getting a good nights’ sleep with this colorful, entertaining and engaging book. The Bats Don’t Have a Bedtime is a children’s book, packed full of memorable characters and colorful illustrations! This book which will give your child the opportunity to learn, through Will the lion cub’s adventures and his new understanding of why he needs sleep for a big race. It points out the importance of getting enough rest and how it is vital for growing children, so that they have enough energy for the next day. The Bats Don’t Have a Bedtime is a fabulous book, with a strong message, which will quickly become a bedtime favorite for you and your child.

About the Author
Laurel Walther is passionate about providing groups and individuals with health education and guiding them to achieve and exceed their personal goals.  To further her reach into helping children and families Laurel has started Lionsmane Kids, an emerging health & wellness lifestyle brand for children. Laurel authored The Bats Don’t Have a Bedtime, the first of the Lionsmane Kids book series, to help empower kids to take ownership of their own health so that they will be better equipped in making more mindful, positive health choices.

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