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Poetry from the Field - Readers' Favorite 5-Star

Book Review

5-Star Silver Medallion
Reviewed by Melissa Tanaka for Readers' Favorite
December 12, 2016

Poetry from the Field: Monday Road Poetry Volume II is Gina McKnight’s second poetry collection and draws on the natural beauty that is around us to inspire and invigorate your senses, with the inclusion of Tamara Rymer’s illustrations helping to do so. McKnight often utilizes longer forms of poetry, with several feet in one line that takes on a more traditional meter, but has also mastered the use of shorter forms of poetry in which a line may consist of only one syllabic foot. Her effortless use of both styles indicates not only a familiarity with writing, but also a sense of familiarity with oneself. Her poetry reaches down inside you and excavates memories of lazy afternoons with the sun shining overhead, the sweet scent of flowers carried in on a breeze, and the feeling of being grounded and connected with the earth, a feeling that is often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

As a huge fan of poetry, I was delighted to read Poetry from the Field: Monday Road Poetry Volume II and recommend that all my fellow poetry lovers do the same! Although there are several good poems throughout this collection, some of my stand out favorites include Exhale, a beautiful piece that personifies the earth and brings forth beautiful mental imagery with phrases like “a / ripple of sundust / a hiss of / mirth” and Innuendo, which elicits the soft, muted feeling one gets when the rain begins to gently fall over a garden, as well as the poems Deity and Whisper.

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