Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jerry Maldonado

Thanksgiving is next week. Most of us in the United States will be surrounded by our family, a huge turkey and cranberry sauce, warmth, and love. Others will not be as fortunate.
Recently, a fellow writer became jobless. It is with sincerity that I ask you to read Jerry Maldonado’s story and help him out, if you are able. Jerry has two beautiful daughters who he keeps in daily contact with via his facebook page; however, being a divorced parent isn’t easy and Jerry needs our help. By blessing others, we are blessed. Thanksgiving and thankful hearts should be for every one - every day.
Jerry writes…
On September 9, 2014, I was let go from my employer. In a nutshell, I was fired for writing on facebook. Not for writing on facebook, but for what I was writing facebook. You see this is a lot today as your personal life is open to the world. I'm still in shock as to why? My words are always to my girls and no one ever knew where I worked, nor was it posted on my page. Was this a legal case? Yes it was.  Was this a Civil Rights issue? Yes it was.
Instead, I used my writing and created a group www.facebook.com/groups/MyStory.OurFuture on my page to help others realize the implications of such an open forum and use caution.
Forward to November 8, 2014: After depleting the savings to live on and help from others my car was ultimately repossessed several weeks ago. This did not stop me as I’ve walked everyday looking for work. Some days the miles are endless but I keep looking and after hundreds of e-mails, applications, and business cards I have come here.
The Dream:
With transportation I would have access to the Connecticut metro areas. These areas of Hartford and New Haven County have the best chances for me to become involved with larger companies with profitable incomes. All funds would be used to cover the purchase of a used car and fees needed to operate. I just want to find good employment and take care of my girls.
Most don’t realize that as soon as all of this occurred (before the car was taken and I take complete responsibility for) I had gainfully acquired (3) jobs. One was an Election Reporter (AP), Retail Merchandiser, and Third Shift Hotel Manager. Sadly all were taken or had to resign because it required travel. 
The Request:
The hardest thing about this is just asking. When I was told to possibly look at something like this and researching the stories I did not feel alone. I see the situations people have gone through and the impact of their stories and how it changes lives in an instant. 
The rewards for your help would be extensive. I will personally contact each and every one with documentation, pictures, and information to show progress. Above it all is the intention. In other words, this request is not just to help someone, but to help someone create something. From the smallest donation to the biggest I will be forever grateful and will have my life dedicated to all of you. That’s the point of this site and honest intentions of those in need. 
Thank-you all for this time…
God Bless,

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