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John Morris, Artist

Artwork by John Morris

John Morris was born and raised in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England, and began painting at the age of 17. Currently residing in Ayr, Scotland, he is the founder and proprietor of Art from the Heart; he is an Artist, Public Speaker, Musician, and Preacher. The income John receives for his artwork helps support his various charities and St. Nicholas Youth work.
John creates stunning sketches and beautiful photo paintings of anything you can dream of – babies, children, pets/horses, personal portraits, and much more. He will sketch, paint, frame, and send you your personal creation anywhere around the globe.  
John studied business and public communication at Kirklees College 2007-2008. In 2013, John became the first international client of The Umbrella Syndicate, sold 610 pieces of art, toured the USA promoting books, paintings, music, and guest preaching, and completed a photo tour of Ireland. He is the illustrator of ten books in the USA and a former member of the Bodybuilding Association. In 2014, John began offering art classes online.

Describe your studio…
My studio is one of comfort, I have my green leather couch where I sit, my laptop and screen where I usually watch wrestling or something from my childhood, and I sit with the canvas on my legs and paint...
What mediums do you use?
I used to use oil, but for speed purposes, cleaning and general environmental reasons, I now use acrylic.
Do you have a favorite painting of your own creation?
My favorite animal painting would have to be the one I did of the wolf.
Who is your favorite artist/painting?
I have four favorite artists - Bob Ross, Thomas Kincade, Chuck Pinson, and Eugene Lushpin.  The reason is because for me, and this style, they are the artists that I use as a benchmark for artistic greatness.
Where are you currently exhibiting?
Ayr Beanscene, Rozelle Art Gallery, Annies Art Gallery (Maryland, USA), Off the Wall Gallery in Ayr, and Carnegie Library in Ayr.
Do you have advice for blooming artists?
Learn the Business, be consistent and if you really want to live your dreams be willing to put every little bit of effort in that you have and maybe then you will be one of the few who stick it out in this business. 
What’s your fascination with the French Revolution?
This came from the new Assassins Creed, and I guess it was a period in time which I had never studied nor painted, so I began to visualize how things would have been in that time period and though these visualizations a painting developed.
Are you a gamer?
I am indeed, I find it hard to take time to stop painting or working, so when I get chance I sit and play a game.
Does being a gamer influence your creativity?
Absolutely, I have a mind that for whatever reason can see an image, word or song and then something more special comes out of it, which then becomes a sketched idea and finally a painting that has the potential to go all over the world.
Where is your favorite place in the world?
hmmmm that I have travelled to would be Colorado... I have a very special place for the mountains in my heart. I would like to go Alaska, Norway or Canada... funny enough Canada opened up to me and my first painting is heading to Bamford… very exciting.
What is your favorite thing to do besides create artwork?
Beyond a doubt spending time with my FiancĂ©e. 
What about your counseling service?
This was set up to provide a service in a more professional content, for the people I already listen to.
You create a lot of captivating artwork. What are you currently painting?
Right now I’ve just finished a 20 x 20 family painting, and a 16 x 20 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 
What is your experience with horses?
I have a few experiences from having my face licked by a horse a few years ago during a walk, a horse sneezing on me, but I think my favorite one is feeding horses polos lol... it’s the strangest feeling having something so close that could chew your hand in two easily.

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