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Ivan Dimitrijevic, Equestrian & Trainer

Ivan Dimitrijevic lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia. He is a horse-lover; avid equestrian and trainer. Ivan has a keen connection with horses – a horse-whisperer at times. He has achieved many accomplishments and awards with both the horses and competitors that he has trained.
Welcome Ivan!
You have a special connection with horses. Details, please…
I give lessons in riding. That is my hobby, what I really enjoy doing and without any false modesty I can say that I am very good when it comes to treating and understanding horses. It is not only my opinion, but of many other of my colleagues who are working with me at the Belgrade Hippodrome. I give lessons in riding to people of various age (kids, adults, beginners and to those with more experience) since 1985, that is over twenty years. I also teach kids in dressage and short jumping, for all kinds of competitions. I am sure that there are lots of people doing what I am doing, but I am not sure that everybody can have the feeling about the animal that I have. During this long period of dealing with horses, I have never had any kind of serious accidents. I have learnt to love and understand the animal in order to get the best performance from it. My basic virtue is patience and readiness to learn more.
When was your first encounter with a horse?
My first encounter with horses was 1985, that feeling I will never forget - I trained karate and aikido, but being with horses is the most beautiful thing I would prefer if my job is working with the horses.
Do you prefer one horse breed over another?
No, I love all breeds of horses; they are all special in their own way and beautiful but of course if I need a horse to jump then I'll choose a breed of horse who is for it.
As a trainer, what training methods do you prefer?
This is a difficult question. Training primarily depends on the rider, every training needs to adapt to the rider and horse. So if someone is a beginner training, methods need to be at that level, if someone is a better rider, methods of training changes...etc. You cannot have one method of training.
What is key to keeping a horse healthy and happy?
This is difficult to answer, there is too much that it affects the happiness and health of horses. Briefly, above all, every horse must have good stable, each owner/rider must give the horse all the love. To take care of a horse, you must have respect for the horse. Each horse has to have good food, good and regular medical care. There are a lot of things on this topic to write.
Do you have a favorite arena or place to ride?
It depends on the training. I love going in the forest, but if it is serious training is concerned, it must to be arena.
What is your favorite event to participate or spectate?
I love to visit all horse events, but I prefer show jumping.
Do you have advice for beginning riders?
My advice for beginners… They should be patient, to train regularly and the results will surely come. They need to know that the rider and the horse are one.
What does horsemanship mean to you?
It is a wonderful thing; man should be doing it with lots of love. It is very difficult to describe what it is for someone: horsemanship, it should be felt.

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