Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Vivian Chang, World Equestrian

Vivian Chang competes with her gorgeous horses on the international circuit. She is a dressage rider based in the UK where she has been competing various horses since 2007. Her aim is to compete at CDI3* (Concours de Dressage International) venues and 2014 Korea Asian Games.

Best wishes Vivian as you continue to wow the world with your amazing talent and beautiful horses…

Where are you from?
I was born and grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. I came to England to study PhD in chemistry in Oxford since 2007.

How old were you when you began riding?
I did very little childhood riding and only restarted to learn properly when I was in college at age 22.

Do you remember your first horse?
My first horse was a 6 year old, talented but spooky show jumper George. He and I did lots of competitions together up to 1.20m classes and he was particularly good at jump-offs.

Describe your daily routine…
My horses are worked 5 days a week. They go out hacking once or twice a week and have a rest day. I try to build up within the five rides in a week. For example, I focus on stretching and suppling on the first ride and keep it simple and a relaxing session for the horses. From the second and third ride I would emphasis more on the strength building and self carriage. They would be expected to use themselves better. Sometimes a fun easy session such as pole work or outdoor hacking would be mixed between intense schooling sessions just to keep their mind and body refreshed and happy. As for myself, I try to do weight training 2-3 times a week and some cardio exercise such as running or swimming. I also make sure I do enough and good quality stretching after exercises.

Where is your favorite arena?
I always enjoy competing at Addington in the UK.

What has been your greatest equestrian experience?
In 2011, Savio and I got into Intermediare I freestyle final at Biarritz CDI3*, France and we got 65% in horrid heavy rain. It was definitely the most unforgettable competition experience and ultimate challenge for horse/rider partnership.

Tell me about Savio H, Nora and Solstice….
Savio H is a 14 year old gelding by Welt Hit II bred in Holland. I've had him for over 3 years now. Together we began from Medium level and he stared his international career at PSG/Inter1 level since 2011.

Nora is an ex-showjumper mare by Nimmerdor line and started her career at age 10 in 2012. She's now competing at PSG level and did her first international this August. I can't wait to go GrandPrix with her.

Solstice is a 4 year old Trakhner gelding with the sweetest temperament. He's just been broken and progressed slowly over the summer. Hopefully we will get to do some young horse class in 2014.

Are you excited about the 2014 Korea Asian Games?
Oh yes definitely! It's every athlete's dream to represent their country in an important event. I feel Taiwan will form a strong team this time and hopefully we can bring home a medal!

How can we follow you and cheer you on?
I always enjoy reading other riders/horse lovers' stories as they can be such fun and inspirational! I look forward to meeting more friends online and share our lovely horsey moments!

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Vivian and Saaf enjoying summer holidays.

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