Thursday, September 26, 2013

Karen Magill, Author

Welcome from Vancouver, British Columbia, award-winning paranormal novelist Karen Magill!

What does paranormal mean to you?  

Paranormal, to me, just means things that people don’t always accept as normal. I write on things like out of body experiences, (see The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story), ESP and visions, events that are just a little beyond what most of society accepts as normal. I don’t write on vampires or werewolves or such. At least not yet.

What paranormal activities have you witnessed?   

I can’t say I have witnessed paranormal activities. I have heard of them and believe in them.

Of all the genres, why write paranormal?  

I like to say that I am on a mission to make the paranormal, normal. I believe that psychic visions and ESP are possible for everyone if we could just open our minds.

Have you encountered or written any paranormal activity that includes/involves horses?  

I don’t think I have had a paranormal experience with horses. In August of 1984, I was horseback riding and the horse had a heart attack and fell on me, cracking my skull in the process. If I had any psychic events or out of body experiences at that time, I don’t remember.

Where do you like to write?

I have a desktop computer and I like to put in a CD, put on the headphones then sit here, in my living room, and just write. Once that music is on, I can get more accomplished and the time just flies by.

Do you write as you are investigating?

I don’t investigate paranormal activity. I read about it and the rest is from my imagination.

When combining historical facts with fiction, do you have to have permissions from the historical person/families?  

Usually I don’t use the names of the families involved in history though in Missing Flowers, I did use the name of a madam here in Vancouver in the late 1800s because she had the same name as my great-grandmother.

In my upcoming paranormal mystery, A Little Poison, I do mention a woman who was murdered in Stanley Park in the seventies. I didn’t get permission but I did quote where I got the information on her murder from.

What books have you written?

The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story
Let Us Play, A Rock ‘n Roll Love Story, known as Mystique Rising in Kindle
Missing Flowers
A Little Poison, to be released soon I hope.

What are you currently writing?

I am working on something different. I am writing a non fiction, motivational book about my journey with MS. I hope to self publish it next spring and its title is On The Right Side; My Story of Survival and Success.

List 10 things that people may not know about you....

This is difficult. Give me a moment to think.

I like classical music. Everyone knows me as a rocker chic but sometimes I just like to mellow out to some Bach.

I can get quite obsessive, especially with things I like. I have been told that I have stalker like tendencies though my psychiatrist told me that I am just eccentric.

I prefer to be alone then with other people. I joke that I don’t play well with others.

I have a short attention span.

I am not patient. Actually, that one will be no surprise to anyone who knows me!

I can be self-centered.

I can be too focused, to the exclusion of everything else around me.

I like to live in a dream world of my own making. Reality is highly overrated.

I like to make people laugh.

I get discouraged and down sometimes. But most people don’t know that because it doesn’t last long.

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Brenda Perlin said...

Great interview!!!!! I love your answers Karen. And yes, you are really funny...even when you are no trying!!!! :-)