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Deepak Chaswal, Poet

Deepak Chaswal is a poet from the soil of India. His poetry exhibits his perception of the universe from the perspective of an insider. He is an editor for The Muse Poetry Journal and his poems have been published in reputed international poetry journals Sam Smith The Journal, Pacific Review, Pamona Valley Review, Forge, Enchanting Verses, The Tower, Earthborne Poetry Magazine, Kritya- A Journal of Poetry, Indian Ruminations, Icycle Review, Electronic Monsoon Magazine, Efiction Notice, Frog Croon, Message in a Bottle Poetry Magazine, to name a few.

Chaswal writes poetry of reflection and resolution in his 2013 poetry anthology Meeting with Christ and Other Poems. The stunning cover is the work of Italian artist Luigi Alba. Professor Hugh Fox, Emeritus of Michigan State University, archaeologist, editor, writer, and iconic poet of international fame testifies to Chaswal’s poetry, “One of the deepest, widest, most universal poetry books ever written about individual spirituality in a world-wide context. Chaswal identifies with blacks, whites, Indians in India, name it, he identifies with it. Universalism at its most universal. You read his poetry and you go through a kind of spiritual renewal. One of, perhaps, THE most spiritually renewing poets on the contemporary scene."

Chaswal’s newest poem will appear in a human rights poetry anthology published in October 2013 by University of London.

When did you begin writing poetry?

When I was approximately 12 years old I started writing poetry.
I like the poetry of John Keats, William Wordsworth, Lord Byron, P. B. Shelley, John Milton, Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, W.H. Auden, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Ted Hughes, Philip Larkin and the list keeps on increasing.

Do you write poetry for yourself, or for others, or for both?

This is a very interesting question. Actually, for me poetry is an outlet of emotions and pent up feelings which is the amalgam of inside and outside strife which makes our lives as it is.

Is it important to you if your poems get published?

Without poetry I cannot live for a single moment. It is the most essential part of my life. I think it is important to write poetry whether it gets published or not.

Do you think poetry is important on a global scale?

Yes, of course. Poetry plays an important role in the global scale of things. It is the only solace in the strife torn global scenario. It works as a balm for our distorted psyche and soul.

Do you write a specific genre of poetry, or do you delve into all genres?

While writing poetry I do not think about the genre. I think we should not confine poetry in boundaries of genre. Poetry is not like a river with certain specific banks which limit its expansion. It is basically like an ocean which is limitless in its dimensions. So if we try to confine poetry within the limits of specific genres or categorize it in certain forms it may lose its aesthetic appeal and will look like a marketing product.

What is your favorite type of poem?

My favorite type of poem is the one which flows naturally through the deep recesses of my heart and touches the other hearts without any constraints.

What are you currently writing?

I am currently busy in compiling my poems for a new book which will be released soon.

What does poetry mean to you?

Poetry is nectar of life for me.

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