Thursday, August 1, 2013

David Puckey, Tentpegger

From Oxford, United Kingdom David Puckey is an international Tentpegger, galloping through the countryside on his gorgeous horses Brandy and Audrey. David is the Training Officer for British Tentpegging and the European Co-ordinator for the new World Tent Pegging Federation. He is Captain of the RLC Tentpegging Team (Army) Ox & Bucks.
At the International at Bodney vs SA on Brandy

Welcome David!

When did you meet your first horse?

Probably a hairy trekking horse on Bodmin Moor, aged about 10 (me not horse).

Do you have a favorite horse breed?

I like TB, TB Cross and Arabs, anything that has speed and brains, and hopefully manners.

What is your current stable configuration?

I have 2, Brandy my 19yo TB Cross hunter who is now retired on loan but still in good work, she’s done me well and earnt her retirement but still has fun, and 7yo Audrey, a full TB ex racehorse who is sweet, has manners and is a great pegger.

What is it like to Tentpeg? 

Great fun, the exhilaration of galloping flat out, but the calmness and precision to hit the peg.

Describe your current tentpegging team...

Audrey is my current Tentpegger, I’ve only had her since September last year but she is turning out to be a little star. She’s a light fast 16hh so ideal for the game, she has enough manners to stay calm at the start and then go flat out and back to calm again.

Audrey at her first ever competition last year

Where have you competed? 

Lots of places, in the UK the ‘standard circuit’ of Aldershot Army Show, Royal Windsor, the Royal Tournament at Melton Mowbray and the HCMR Mounted Camp in Norfolk, plus some new venues.

Overseas I’ve been on GB Teams to Oman and India. Both have generally faster and smaller horses than most of us are used to over here. The tracks are usually much longer, 2-300m at least allowing for a full gallop, generally on dirt or harrowed sand. It’s always interesting to draw lots for horses, have a little while to try them out, two practice runs and then crack on with a full International competition.

The first time in Oman

What awards/trophies have you earned? 

I have a team Bronze for Indian File the first time in Oman followed by a Silver for Team Lance in India. At home I have been Master at Arms (best overall) at Aldershot, the Royal Tournament and the HCMR Open Day at Bodney Camp.

When is your next event?

Bicester and Finmere Show 11 Aug.

Do you have a favorite competition/tentpegging arena?

A good long run anywhere, 100m is the minimum but 150-200m is better.

Besides Tentpegging, what other equestrian events do you enjoy? 

I really enjoy hunting. Also in the UK whilst technically ‘Tentpegging’ I really enjoy Sword Lance and Revolver which is not practiced much overseas, and which to my knowledge only the UK still practices to near enough the original rules for 1911!. This is the old cavalry skill at arms test engaging 8 targets over 45 seconds with all 3 weapons, a true test, and great fun!

Engaging the first sword dummy

Do you have advice for Tentpegging success? 

Train with an experienced trainer, get a good fast but mannerly horse and school it well, use a good sword and lance, and practice.

What does horsemanship mean to you? 

Getting a real partnership between horse and rider, being able to totally trust as well as control your mount.

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