Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Melissa Sibio, Animal Communicator

From upstate New York, USA, Animal Communicator, Melissa Sibio has spent her life's journey helping animal friends. As an animal communicator/pet psychic Melissa is dedicated to assisting animals and their humans to bridge the gap so often present between them. Melissa specializes in a soul connection and communication with dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits and all living and passed on animal family, all species of animals are more than welcome. Some situations where communication may be helpful include: behavior problems, emotional issues, physical issues, including pain, illness etc. 

Each animal and situation is unique in its own way. Animals are truly amazing living, breathing, intelligent beings who have thoughts and feelings well beyond human understanding. They have wants, needs, favorite things they enjoy, whether it is toys, games, walks, favorite colors, etc. They also have purposes in life while they are here with us and after death.  

Welcome Melissa!
How long have you been communicating with the animal friends?

I started communicating with the animal friends when I was about 12 years old, a family friend shared her gift with me and from there I would sit in my stepmother’s barn with a notebook and write everything I would receive from the horses. I would spend sometimes hours out in the barn just being silent with them. I have always had a love for the animal friends and wanted any opportunity to help them or just be present with them. I did sway away from communicating for some time during high school and younger life journey's, but regained my ability again in 2006 when I started to practice and bring to life my gift of communicating with the animal friends (my family) again. From this forward I have enjoyed the company of many animal friends here on earth and in spirit who have crossed the beautiful rainbow bridge to meet us again someday. I continue on my life's journey now extending my communication with the animals across the world helping assist people and their animal friends bridge that gap that is so often between them; in turn creating peace, harmony and understanding in their home and life's journey with their animal friends; if their humans keep an open mind and heart to hear and digest what their animal friends have to share, because the animal friends can have different points of view, perceptions, feelings, thoughts etc. from what their family may perceive or know about them. 

How do you communicate with the animal friends? 

Communication with the animal friends comes in many different ways; through brain waves I receive thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, emotions, smells, impressions and pure knowing. Communication can come in different ways for all of us who choose to assist the animal friends with a verbal voice so there is no one way is better than the other. Animals share with me and I then relay their message or answers to their people. Yes, I can also send communication to the animals, through the same process it is a nonverbal conversation between myself and your animal friends in which I then relay to their humans.

Do all animals communicate? 

Yes, all animal friends communicate some maybe better at communicating to me than others, just like some humans can communicate and talk to another, but others may struggle with what they are trying to say. But yes, all animals can communicate and all animals BIG, small, insects, spiders, you name it. They all communicate and are very intelligent, full of information, knowledge, thoughts and feelings well beyond human understanding. I am always completely amazed with information that the animals share with me and their family members. I am never amazed with how they perceive certain situations and life etc. 

Which animal species communicate more than others?

Animal friends all communicate and, just like every individual human, every individual animal friend is different in how they communicate, how talkative they are etc. Some animal friends just like humans are just not very talkative, but yet others in the same turn will talk your ear off and share everything about themselves, their family, what they enjoy, what they don't enjoy, etc. etc. it can truly be endless what you can relay to your animal friend and what can be asked of them and to them, some offer information right from the time I connect and others I have to ask them specifically and it can be like pulling teeth to get an answer.  

Can you teach other animal lovers to communicate with the animal friends? 

Honestly I have not yet brought myself in my journey yet to teaching others, but I can definitely offer advice and pointers on how to communicate, how to get that connection with your animal friend and offer support, guidance and love. 

Statistically what message do you hear most often from the animals?

Every animal friend is their own being and has their own personality, thoughts, feelings, emotions and life's journey so every animal friend has their own messages to share I don't believe I have ever received the same general message from more than one animal friend ever. They are all individuals just as you and I, so they have their own way and freedom of choice, purposes here on earth and after death. 

Have you written any articles, books etc.?

No I can't say that I have written any of these as of yet, I write posts here and there of my communications with the animal friends if I have permission from their family of course. I share my animal friend’s thoughts, feelings and knowledge on my face book page Animal Talk Give Your Animal Family A Voice. I also share on my page Heavenly Hooves Animal Connection/communication on face book. I recently began posting daily quotes from my animal family on these pages; today’s post is Gus's Daily Quote: Look straight ahead; not back for the hooves point forward not back. Short, sweet and to the point. 

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