Thursday, August 15, 2013

Imran Kahn, Poet

Imran Kahn is a published freelance writer and poet. His poetry anthology Love is Evergreen continues to entice poetry readers around the world.

Welcome Imran!

Imran tells his story….

I am a very sensitive person and like to think a lot. So I thought to write about world issues and posted a message in a website that I am willing to write articles if someone interested I would like do that. I received reply from wzartv. And they said they will accept my articles if they are good enough. When I sent my first article, to my surprise they accepted it and made a page for me on their website. It was in September 2005.

Just recently I have published my first ever book named Love is Evergreen. It’s a poetry book and contains 42 poems (medium and short poems). I started poetry as a fun last year and joined, but as I received good encouragement from readers I decided to publish my poems. Most of the poems have won trophies in various competitions at that website.

Honesty and Commitment are two word lessons I got from my ex-boss. I think with these two words one can achieve anything and we need both in every part of our lives. If we are honest but not committed to do something we will not have the results and if we are committed but not honest than still the result would never be satisfactory. So these two words give me guidance to achieve more and more in life.  

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