Sunday, December 2, 2012

Shawna Schuh, Pet Industry TV

A famous media personality, Shawna is an avid equestrian, writer and professional speaker. As host of Pet Industry TV and President of Women in the Pet Industry, she shines as an advocate for animals.

Welcome Shawna!

Where are you in the world?
My horseshoeing husband of nearly 25 years and I share a log home on the side of a hill in rural Western Oregon with horses, dogs, donkeys, a cat, a goose and a very confused goat!

Tell me about 'Women in the Pet Industry'....
This is the most exciting thing I’ve been involved with in years! We are a network of pet professionals who are committed to share with each other, continue to grow ourselves and our businesses and connect for all the benefits connections produce:  partnerships, ideas, referrals, promotions and of course amazing friendships!

As a host of Pet Industry TV, what has been your favorite pet-related story?
Our video centric site is all about providing quick and quirky videos for pet professionals to help them grow their businesses. Since the shows are all quick and quirky the stories are light and lighthearted – with a business building tip in each one.

One of my favorite stories is about my goat Chester. When we got him as a baby from deplorable conditions we bottle fed him in the kitchen. The milk formula is tasty to dogs so at feeding times all our dogs would gather around and lick all over the little guy’s face, neck, legs anywhere they thought they’d find milk.

Chester of course accepted it as love from his family so he convinced himself he belongs to a family of dogs. So he acts like a dog mostly which is fun and funny, especially when he waits at the UPS truck to get his dog biscuit too.

What is your current equine configuration?
We have an equine boarding facility and five horses of our own plus big and mini donkeys including a baby donk named Danny who was born about the time I took over as President of Women in the Pet Industry in June.

Tell me about your horses...
My mare is wonderful – she can be a handful too of course which makes her perfect. She’s a Quarter Horse, flea bit white and has taught me much about communication. I use her as an example when I do my work as an executive coach helping business people to be better at leadership, presentations and communication.

Do you have a favorite breed of horse?
I love all horses though the Quarters are what we ride. I also ride a handsome red gelding named Scout who is completely opposite of my mare so whenever I think I’m doing great I jump on the other one and learn all over again that each animal is unique and amazing and needs my total attention and skill.

Are you a writer? If so, tell me about your books, etc...
Writing is something I do – almost daily. I have two books – one about life lessons through stories and the other a business book on Voice Mail. I also have several DVD’s produced by Seminars on DVD and audio programs as well.

In 2002 I earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association which is held by less than 8% of speakers worldwide so I do travel and have worked with a variety of industries, but my favorite industry is the pet industry.

What are your future goals as an animal advocate?
The focus of my work is all around helping pet professionals – and by doing that, by helping them be the best people, build the best business and become amazing leaders, they impact pet parents and pets in every aspect. 

What is your best advice for someone who would like a new pet?
Understand that it is a lifetime commitment – that this wonderful being you’ve received is a precious gift and will be your friend, companion and teacher if you are open to it.

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