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Ann Stockstill, Equestrian & Poet

Homozygous Perfection in Texas

Early morning Texas and the sun is rising.  Ann Stockstill is awake and searching for her coffee cup before checking her stock.  The sun slowly peers through her kitchen window overlooking 165 prime Texas acres. She’s reminded of all the things she needs to accomplish today.  First on her list is a trip to the stables to say good morning to her award-winning, world-famous, homozygous paint horses. 

A horse lover from an early age, Ann describes her introduction to homozygous horses. “I lived in the city all my life, teaching middle school and junior high school. I had no aspirations to be a rancher, but it fell in my lap when I married my second husband in 1993.  He owned cattle and liked living in the country, so we packed up and moved to Coyote Creek Ranch, Winona, Texas, USA.” 

Ann purchased her first horse, Skipper, a Palomino gelding, shortly after moving to the ranch.  Ann says, “Skipper was a gentle, loving soul. I enjoyed riding him around the ranch.  He was a great companion.  It was fun to ride on our ranch and watch the wildlife that was abundant at the time. Whitetail deer grazed, raccoons played in the trees, and there were occasional sightings of red fox and coyotes.” A few months later on a trip to Idabel, Oklahoma, Ann had the opportunity to purchase Peps Last Lady, a stunning sorrel Quarter Horse mare.

Ann was satisfied with her gelding and mare, but loved the look of the local black/white paints. Ann recalls, “I had never heard of a homozygous horse, but found out that it meant they only throw paint offspring regardless of what they are bred to. I decided to breed Lady to Sparky, a local homozygous black/white paint stallion. The resulting foal was a black/white filly that I named Stormy. Not very original, but she was born in February on a freezing night in the rain.  Lady was quite confused to have a paint baby since all of her previous foals were sorrel.  It was really odd to see a sorrel Quarter Horse with a black/white paint filly.  I still have them both.  Lady is close to 20 years old and Stormy is approaching 14 years.”

Over the years, Ann has purchased many horses.  The most famous offspring was the result of her purchase of ‘Color by Chick’, a double homozygous mare.  ‘Color by Chick’ was paired with ‘Summers Half Moon’, owned by Dana James of Gladewater, Texas.  Ann says, “The resulting foal was my multiple APHA/PtHA World and Reserve World stallion, ‘Summers Chico Bandito’. Chico was the horse of my dreams.  Not only was he black/white, but also homozygous for tobiano and the black gene.  He was splashy colored with one blue eye and one brown.  He was sweet natured and athletic.  Chico has won World recognition in steer stopping, heading and healing. He has produced numerous offspring that have also won APHA World and PtHA World championships in cattle events.”

With offspring shipped internationally, Chico continues to capture the hearts of equine lovers around the world. His offspring compete in and are winning events worldwide. Ann has chosen broodmares with superior pedigrees for Chico.  Ann says, “Chico produces quality offspring.  His foals have been sold internationally to Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Canada and Mexico.  I ship cooled and frozen semen around the world.  Chico’s offspring excel in reining, working cow horse, barrels, trail, and many other events.  The horses are good looking, athletic, good natured and have a keen willingness to perform. Their disposition and confirmation are desired by horse breeders and equestrians everywhere.  Everyone is surprised to find that even with 100 horses at my ranch that each one is congenial; wanting to be petted, groomed and loved.”

Ann is top-drawer in the homozygous paint horse world arena.  As a child she remembers wanting a horse.  She relates, “I always wanted a horse as a child, but never had the opportunity to have one. At the age of three, I wore cowboy boots and carried a toy gun.  My mother had my picture taken atop a stuffed horse. Roy Rogers and Zorro were my heroes. I had to be content with watching movies about horses and reading any book about horses that I could find; Black Beauty, The Black Stallion, Misty, etc.”  Her hard work, determination and love for horses has come to fruition; all she has to do is look out her kitchen window to see that dreams do come true.

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