Sunday, November 25, 2012

Missy Wryn, Equestrian

Through tragedy and triumph, Missy uses her own experiences to help others through emotional and physical challenges.  Her horses are amazing, compassionate and loved….

Where are you in the world? 
The magical foothills of Estacada, Oregon, USA, at the edge of the snowline where we get a (snow) dusting or two around Christmas and the New Year.

How do you use horses to encourage wellness? 
My program expands from adjudicated youth to people who suffer from Fibromyalgia.  Whether horse owner or not, my program supports anyone who is drawn to be with horses.  It all starts on the ground building each person’s confidence while they become mindful of their thoughts, body language and healthy boundaries, both physically and emotionally.  My horses are specially trained - no matter a nervous or scared person, the horses at the Zen Barn support and nurture as well as challenge gently and positively the individual in their growth and healing process.

How do you acquire horses for your program?
Horses tend to “show up” as needed from rescues to boarders. I continue to work with and bond with the horses, creating harmony, gentleness and respectful horses.

What breed of horse do you prefer for your program?
No particular breed is better than another.  Each horse is very unique and brings their own gifts.  When you enter my barn a horse will choose you, not the other way around.  It’s a sense you have as you are drawn to a particular horse.

What is your greatest success story?
A 15 year old adjudicated girl who is facing very serious charges being tried as an adult under Oregon’s Measure 11, came to my barn by way of her mother.  This girl is beautiful, intelligent, a shining star, but was in the wrong place at the wrong time and breaks my heart to imagine losing her to an adult prison at 15 years old.  The mood was serious as I told her my story in 3rd person; as I wrapped up my story recounting my success, joy and living my dreams ending by saying “and you are looking at her”.  The mother sobbed as the girl’s face was serious yet a hint of relief crossed her lips as she barely smiled.  The success however was when she rode Paco and I witnessed this strong beautiful girl who puts up a facade of bravery and courage, a wash of childlike giddy and delight as she rode as “one” with Paco posting at a trot in perfect oneness.  In that moment she was a child, free from her worries, oblivious of her ever present ankle monitor that vibrates randomly checking on her coordinated location.  She was a ‘girl' set FREE.

How quickly do individuals see results? 
The first session people experience peace, calm, reduction of pain both physically and emotionally.  A common statement made by participants is “I’m in bliss”.

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