Friday, December 7, 2012

Hollie Bollster, Poet

Introducing Hollie Bollster, aspiring poet and writer from Hamilton, Ontario Canada! Hollie is a published performance poet at Destiny Poets, UK and a creative writer. 

Welcome Hollie! 
Where are you in the world?

I am from Hamilton, Ontario Canada a fantastic city, we have more waterfalls than anywhere else in the world. My city, as am I, is in a period of flux. The old industrial past is conflicting with the future and the same thing is happening to me. I feel at home here, love my town and wish to be part of its future. 

Your poetry has been published online at Destiny Poets, UK; you are a fabulous poet! Do you anticipate publishing an anthology of your poetry? 

I would love to publish my poetry but doubt nags at me. The new world order for books and publishing is a daunting mess and I am overwhelmed by the way too many options. I plan to buckle down and have recently begun a more serious attempt to find places for my works.

You are also a creative writer! What plans do you have for your creative writing? A novel or collection of short stories? 

Short stories can be sold and published individually in, again, way too many venues. I have however submitted several, which were all turned down, but that is but a learning process. As for novel(s)...yes I plan to finish one I have started and have the ideas floating in this miasma that is my head for many more. 

What is your writing style/genre? 

I grew up reading mainly science fiction, but have wandered to classics, to modern musings, horror, comedy, and I do so love tragedy. My stories seem to reflect me. therefore they are of a darker, adult nature. My characters are imperfect, damaged people with pasts that need to be overcome. I like the possibility of redemption but not guarantee it to anyone, not even the beloved main characters). 

What is your inspiration for writing? 

I love to read and have always marveled at the depth of stories and the creation of peoples that seem so real to me that I would weep, laugh, cry, hurt when they do. My mind is a constant chaos, a seething, burning miasma and if I do not find and output for the incessant buzzing.... 

What advice do you have for aspiring poets and writers?

Read everything and anything you can whenever you can. Set aside time to read because it is wonderful. When writing , just write, let yourself pour out and never look back until you absolutely must.

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