Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Writer's Bulletin: 10 Ideas for a Writer's PUSH-CARD

There are so many great tools for writer’s to use for promotion, including push-cards. What is a push-card? Many businesses, including politicians, use push-cards for marketing. They are usually the size of a standard postcard, which can be easily tucked away in your satchel or purse to distribute at a moment’s notice. Sometimes called palm cards, they are designed to entice readers to purchase your book or visit your website/social media. Here are 10 ideas for creating a push-card…

1)  Showcase your book cover on the entire front of the push-card. On the back of the push-card, include your logo and website.

2)  Use the push-card as a postcard to mail to potential readers to announce your book, upcoming book signing/events. On the back of the push-card, leave a blank space for the recipient’s address on the right-hand side, and your announcement on the left-hand side. A postcard stamp is much cheaper than creating and mailing a flyer.

3) When creating your push-card, add your book’s ISBN, website, social media icons, and, if you have enough space, a “review” line to intrigue readers.

4)   Keep your push-card vibrant and colorful to attract readers.

5)    At book signing events, provide a push-card with each purchase. This will enable the reader to find your online presence quickly.

6)  Push-cards do not have to be rectangular but can be printed in interesting shapes to highlight/enhance your book.

7)  Don’t skimp on paper quality. Find a quality printer who uses heavier card-stock that readers can use as a souvenir (and hopefully won’t throw away).

8)  When creating your push-card, leave a space for your signature. Readers like “signed” book copies, and your signature on a push-card, with a note written to the reader, can be just as valuable.

9)   Think of your push-card as a mini advertisement for your book. Include them when mailing greeting cards (birthdays, holidays, etc.). Send them when paying bills or any other return correspondence.

10) Create your push-card with libraries, bookstores, and schools in mind. Make them attractive so that patrons and students will be enticed to read more.

Creating a vibrant, effective push-card will propel your marketing. Con­sider using your push-card instead of a business card or bookmark. What­ever you do, keep writing. Here’s wishing you success!

Sample Push-Card

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