Saturday, February 16, 2019

Vengeance of a Cowboy: The Song Of The Revolver Kindle Edition by Thomas Tralantry

Vengeance of a Cowboy:
The Song of the Revolver Kindle Edition
by Thomas Tralantry 

A dream. This is what Sam and his family have. He left his past behind. But when he meet his best friend, everything changes for him. Unknown men appear and create a bloodbath. Sam survived with heavy injuries. His search for these men with only one thing in his mind. And this thing is vengeance.

About the Author
Thomas Tralantry was born in Germany in 1979. His father is German, his mother is Thai. Although he grew up in Germany, he is also related to Thailand. As a child Thomas Tralantry was reading a lot of books, mostly Science-Fiction and Fantasy novels. He is also a fan of Star Trek. After two novels in German language, one Fantasy and one Science-Fiction novel, his third book "Jack Harvsterton: Distrustful And Bad-Tempered" is a Sci-Fi novel, which was released in 2012. It is in English language and was released as Paperback and E-Book / Kindle Edition.

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