Friday, February 1, 2019

Make it a 10: Ten Lessons From the Lord by Shankia M. Tinsley

Kindle Edition
By Shankia Tinsley

This is a ridiculously short collection of some essential life lessons that I have gathered throughout my journey with Christ. Because I am not supposed to "sit" on the Gospel as a believer, it is my duty to share this God-given wisdom to any and all who will listen (even those who won't). While I try my best to keep my tone neutral, some of what I say in the lessons might make readers wince a little. (I say this because I myself winced many a times upon rereading my work). However, I feel that the areas I touch on are imperative for all who call themselves Christians.

Every person on this planet is in need of guidance. The question is are we seeking it from the right One.

About the Author
I'm an aspiring writer looking to get my God-inspired works out there for both Christians and non-Christians. This is my first self-published work and I am looking to, as they say, make a name for myself, but with the help of others.

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