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Exotic Horseback Riding Trails in Asia by Sarah Jones

Exotic Horseback Riding Trails in Asia
by Sarah Jones

The area of Asia and Asia Pacific has a huge tradition of horse riding across most of the diverse countries which can be found within this part of the world. Going back into the history books, the Imperial Chinese and the Mongols were all amazing horse riders.

The equestrian tradition has remained in the region to this day with the Mongolian steppe still home to nomadic people on horses. In the broader Asia-Pacific area the beautiful beaches of the South Pacific provide the perfect background for a romantic trek.

So if you are planning to head out for an exotic horseback riding adventure, you can’t go wrong with traveling to this part of the world as there are a multitude of exciting trails and horse-riding holiday destinations to choose from.

To give us better guidance we turned to the wonderful staff of and they gave us ideas on the best horseback riding spots this side of the world. Here they are:

1.       Karakorum in Central Mongolia

If you are looking for a challenging horseback trail with rugged wilderness and desolate landscapes then the Khangai mountain range in Central Mongolia is the perfect horseback trail destination for your trip.

The steppe reveals forgotten monasteries and nomadic tribes still live there so if you want to witness this unusual lifestyle first hand then why not head on out. And if you get the timing right you will land in Central Mongolia just in time for the Naadam Festival held every year in Ulaan Baatar.

2.      Rajasthan region of India

If you head out to the Great Thar desert in India you will see as much camel riding as you will see horse riding as both are an indelible part of the history and culture.

Why not indulge in your own Indian night fantasy holiday by heading out on a trail with the ruined cities of the Maharajas and the Aravalli mountain range providing the perfect picturesque background.

3.      Matsushima Bay in Japan

For a riding trail with a difference why not explore Matsushima Bay in Japan. There are many islands filled with pine which spread out from the bay in the Tohoku region where you will find exotic horseback trails discovering some of the country’s most established Zen monasteries.

4.      The Central regions of Tibet

In the Tibetan Plateau in the Central region, you can still bear witness to many of the original nomads who call this their home, without the Chinese influence. This area has a strong tradition of horseback riding and plenty of trails to explore.

If you plan your visit for early in August you might get to experience and enjoy the Litang Festival which celebrates all things Tibetan, including horse racing and other horseback events and demonstrations.

5.       Bali in Indonesia

Horseback riding is probably not the first holiday which springs to mind when talking about Bali but heading out onto the island in the saddle gives a whole new way to see this tropical place and explore the area.

From Hindu temples to rice terraces, cloudy mountain trails and the beaches on the north side of the island which are left empty of tourists, horseback riding in Bali gives you a much broader view of Balinese life.

6.      North Island in New Zealand

In the Asia Pacific region, there are even more amazing horseback riding trails to explore, including the stunning landscape of North Island in New Zealand. Why not take a horseback riding trail holiday here and stay in the local farms or inns.

You will witness stunning scenery including mountains, trout rivers, geysers and lakes formed from volcanic craters as just part of the amazing green landscape this part of the world has to offer – the perfect view from the saddle.

7.       The Snowy River in Australia

This part of the world gives you the chance to trek through the Australian Wild West, following in the footsteps of Ned Kelly. You will get to ride alongside kangaroos, emus, wombats and wild horses as you cross this wild part of the world on horseback.

8.      Tahiti in French Polynesia

This island has a romantic tradition and is a great destination for honeymooners so if you want to combine your love for all things equestrian with a romantic trip then why not book a horseback ride along the beaches in moonlight.

9.      The Oodnadatta Track in Australia

If a rustic cattle drive is more your kind of riding experience, then try starting at Oodnadatta in Australia and following the trail across traditional Australian terrain through to Maree. You will be taking part in a cattle drive across scrubland, dried up riverbeds and the red soil that the Australian outback is famous for.

10.     The Steppe in Kazakhstan

As this is the place where both stirrups and the chariot were created it is safe to say horseback riding is an important part of their heritage. Dry grasslands cover much of the country making it a perfect horseback trail ride.

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