Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Unorganized Emotions by Ricki M Fluker

New Poetry!
Available in Paperback and eBook here!
Unorganized Emotions  
by Ricki M Fluker  

Unorganized Emotions is based on a collection of life experiences and my thoughts of all sorts, finally released from my brain, long and short, written in poetry form, which includes betrayal, sexual harassment, domestic violence, love, spirituality, and many more bizarre emotions all over the place, which has forced me to fly differently through life while having the power to keep my head held high; a smile on my face while hiding behind my hazel brown eyes during the most screwed-up times.

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I am under twenty-five. I’ve had five cash cars, one repo and fifteen jobs. I’ve lived house-to-house with my child. No, I’m not proud. It shows. I gave up plenty of times being inconsistent, displaying no form of discipline. Nothing was passed down from family, neither was it free. When reaching a level of determination, I am unstoppable, well, to a certain degree. While employed at each job, I worked hard no matter what was the salary. Aiming to be the greatest employee while having thoughts of being on top making real money like the big boss over the company we never see. Don’t feel sorry for me, I will succeed after letting go these scattered emotions within me.

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