Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Disaster in Love by Erin Thornton

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Disaster in Love 

Sam, is just a girl like everyone else. She wants to make it through life with minimum hiccups, but her mother is desperate for grandchildren. She understands, but unfortunately just hasn't met "Mr. Right" yet.

In an effort to please her mother, she decides to amp up her dating life. Unfortunately, Sam suffers from a dating curse. No matter who she chooses to date there is something terribly wrong with them. From baby fetishes, strange sexual fantasies, Elvis impersonators, and crazy divorcees and so much more.

Can Sam keep her sanity while enduring each of these dates or will she give up on making her mother happy by finding her happily ever after? 

About the Author

Erin Thornton, for the past thirteen years has been a mom first. Now with six kids, she felt like she’d lost her own identity. She no longer had a first name and was always someone’s mom or her husband’s wife. It became very discouraging.

Erin has been telling stories since she was a kid. Her mom always told her to write her stories down, but she just rolled her eyes and moved on. As an adult, instead of reading a book for bedtime story or on a long drive she would tell a made up story to her kids. Keeping them captivated sometimes for hours. Some of them were amazing works of fiction and fantasy. While others were awful and her kids still remember their insanity to this day. She wasn’t afraid to take the stories to their most abstract point just to get a laugh from her kids.

Instead of letting her identity crisis overtake her, last summer Erin decided to write a novel. A story that was for her, not for her kids.

With her days spent on one hundred acres with chickens and kids that act like the chickens most days, Erin writes whenever she can get a spare moment. Between musical practices, sports and just plain mom life to distract her she tries to get in her words for the day with Disney Princess movies in the background or while her youngest naps.

All jokes aside, Erin Thornton is a true writer at heart. This won’t be the last book she writes. The stories in her head are always screaming to get out. The only way to free her mind is to put them on paper.

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