Monday, February 12, 2018

Don't Gamble on Life Improvement...Until You Shift the Odds! by Kevin E. Eastman

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Don't Gamble on Life Improvement...
Until You Shift the Odds!
by Kevin E. Eastman  

Life throws you curveballs, barriers, roadblocks and obstacles, regardless of who you are. Ever wonder how or why they keep crowding the path to enjoyment? The answer itself may be a curveball.

This book takes a no-nonsense approach to a number of tough topics that maybe complicating life. Improving is much easier when you have the right tools to guide you. It's straight forward and in your face, but presented in a fun, engaging, and informative way.

Growth only occurs by getting beyond the boundaries of comfort, and this book will test those boundaries. It's a must-read for anyone tired of the "detours." Discover ways to clear out emotional clutter and make room for the great person that's already inside of you!

From the Author
Get ready to take a journey like you've never been on! I've taken personal experience and combined it with logic and observation, to develop a common sense approach to overcoming many of the obstacles I've encountered.

Before I started writing the book, my life wasn't going the way I wanted it to go. I was forced to take a hard look at myself, which meant facing many things I didn't want to face, but needed to confront, and discover ways to overcome them.

In my research, I figured that I could not be the only person experiencing these things. Someone else might be able to use the information I discovered. So, I decided to publish my experiences. I hope you enjoy the read, and that you find at least one thing in the pages that assists you with making adjustments to your life to make it more enjoyable. Life is great, but it can always be better!

About the Author
Oakland, California native Kevin E. Eastman thrives on simplicity and logic. A skilled mentor and community activist with a "tell it like it is" mentality, he shoots straight from the hip when it comes to assisting people with their personal development. He's a husband, father, U.S. Air Force veteran, grad school student, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity member.

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