Thursday, February 8, 2018

HORSEBACK by Tim Truelan

 Available in Paperback here!

By Tim Truelan 

Horseback is the sequel to Amazon's Top Ten Equestrian Best Seller, Bareback. For Event rider Harry Hunter, life is a thrilling ride of love and adventure in the dangerous world of Eventing. He wants to end the season with a grand slam victory, but will love and life prove a bigger challenge? Horseback is the second novel by Tim Truelan, taking the reader, once again, on a ride across the equine landscape.

About the Author
Tim Truelan grew up in the West Country of England and attended Exeter College of Art, followed by a post-diploma year at Brighton, Sussex. In his early twenties, he set out for adventure across America, supported by a variety of interesting jobs, including working with a ski company, a French-Canadian carnival, building sail boats on the West Coast and finally working aboard the Queen Mary for the Californian Museum of the Sea Foundation, Long Beach, Southern California. Tim has ridden horses across England, Portugal and Spain. In the Americas he has ridden Western saddle in: Mexico, California and Montana.


Roland Clarke said...

This looks like a couple of novels for this retired equestrian writer to read since venting is my stomping ground - and where my own mystery was set.

Gina said...

Tim Truelan would enjoy connecting with you, Roland! He's across the pond and sending me copies of his books. When I've finished, I can share! I'm sure Tim would enjoy your review, too!

Roland Clarke said...

I've got his books on my Kindle now, but it would be great to connect.

Gina said...

Tim has sent me the paperbacks! I'm excited to get started!