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This is How a Heart Breaks by Deborah Dearth

Healing of the Heart Book 1

by  Deborah Dearth

A chance meeting changes Monte's and Kathryn's lives forever.  Their whirlwind courtship and marriage was a love story dubbed by friends and family as "The Prince and the Commoner".

Now Montgomery Lawrence, former Hollywood icon and Cleveland, Ohio businessman is dead.  His unexpected death leaves his survivors - Kathryn, his wife, Russ, his best friend and partner, and his son, Grayson in shock.  Each must find a way to deal with their loss and to live without him.  

Monte had a public image and a private persona that were not always in sync.  Memories and conversations reveal what life with Monte was really like and the kind of man he was. 

Healing of the Heart Book 1
I hate that it stopped on to be continued, I don't know if they will have the follow up or not. Not good to do that

I certainly enjoyed the story line in the book. It made me laugh at times, made me cry and gave me something to think about when a person loses a loved one. The characters were real and I felt had depth. I enjoyed the setting of the story. There was enough background on the characters to get a feel for them. Not only did the author choose her wording well and the dialogue seemed real but she provided some true Christian values to the story which I found totally refreshing. As I read the ending, I realized that this was only the new beginning of a new life for the main character. No doubt there will be a sequel. Although many would classify this book in the women’s fiction or chick lit genre, I personally found it to be inspirational. A good read for adults of any age.

Healing of the Heart Book 1

Deborah Dearth   has had a passion for writing as long as she can remember. While not a career author yet, she greatly enjoys spending any free time with pen to paper, especially after becoming an empty nester. 

She was born and raised in Ohio, where she met and married her husband of over thirty-five years. They had a whirlwind of a courtship by meeting, dating and marrying in nine short months. It is a true to life love story that has given Deborah a passion for writing such novels.

While she has held jobs in various fields, such as, education, medical and accounting, her most challenging and rewarding job is being a mother of three and grandmother to three. She is a Stephen Minister and has been a leader in both women's and children's ministries in various churches. 

Writing is a wonderful way for her to escape the daily grind and to create a world where others can do the same. She is always writing something and weaves a story is that is believable and will make the reader feel that they are right there with the characters. The settings for her writings are the places that she has lived in Ohio, North and South Carolina or places that she has visited. She is currently working on the sequel to her first novel. Deborah, her husband, and two furry children, currently reside in South Carolina.
Healing of the Heart Book 1
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